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What starts off as a normal-ish day in Alexandria on last week’s episode of The Walking Dead soon becomes anything but normal. Daryl is overwhelmed with guilt over Denise’s death and rides out of Alexandria in search of Dwight and the Saviors. At the same time, Tobin discovers Carol has left during the night and immediately informs Rick. Michonne, Glenn, and Rosita head out after Daryl to bring him home. Rick and Morgan leave in order to track down Carol. So, seven of Alexandria’s strongest members just waltz out of town without a second thought? Nothing could possibly go wrong now. *please read with extreme sarcasm*



The gist of what is happening with Carol is she runs away from Alexandria in order to escape having to kill anymore only to be faced with yet another situation which requires her to kill. As she’s driving away from Alexandria, a truck full of Saviors drives by and shoots out her tires. As they demand she brings them back to where she came from, she begs them to let her go. She doesn’t want this to end with anymore death. Unfortunately for the Saviors, they don’t listen to her. Carol, who always seems to have another trick up her sleeve, takes out the Saviors with a gun hidden UP HER SLEEVE. All the while, we can see she is completely losing it over having to face killing yet again.



Rick and Morgan track Carol’s path away from Alexandria. They come across her car and the carnage of the Saviors, but she’s no longer there. They aren’t sure if she is still alive, but they follow a trail of blood into the field along the side of the road. Along the way, Rick and Morgan have a bit of heart-to-heart over they differing views of life. Morgan is still of the mindset that all life is precious and he refuses to kill unless absolutely necessary. Rick, on the other hand, has evolved into a ruthless, take no chances, survivor. Morgan states neither path is necessarily right or wrong, but he tells Rick they must all find their own way to survive in this world and still be able to live with themselves and the choices they have made. After fighting off a group of walkers, Morgan insists Rick return to Alexandria while he continues looking for Carol. Before they part ways, he reminds Rick everything gets a return. He explains that if he hadn’t captured the Wolf instead of killing him, the Wolf wouldn’t have been able to save Denise, and Denise wouldn’t have been able to save Carl. He then tells Rick he’ll do his best to find Carol, but if he doesn’t come back, he doesn’t want Rick to come after him. Despite the goodbyes, something tells me this won’t be the last we see of Morgan. Rick returns home only to worry when he finds Michonne hasn’t returned yet (more on that in a bit).



Maggie remains in Alexandria trying to get the town ready for an attack. They know they hit the Saviors hard and are not taking any chances, apart from everyone deciding to up and leave that morning, but whatever…Maggie is has gone into mama beast mode. She is going to do whatever it takes to protect her family and her unborn child. Enid notices Maggie is working a little too hard and insists on helping out—preggers Maggie has had a lot to deal with lately and needs a bit of a lie down. At the end of the day, Maggie asks Enid for another favor—a hair cut. She doesn’t want anything, even her hair, getting in the way of a fight. Unfortunately, when Enid is all done Maggie starts having some pretty intense stomach pains and falls to the floor screaming. Let’s just hope the baby is okay!



As mentioned before, Daryl has left Alexandria in search of Dwight and some revenge. Michonne and Glenn go after him, with Rosita joining them because she knows where he’s headed. After checking out the train tracks were Denise was killed they finally catch up to Daryl. They try to convince him to go home with them—they are afraid he is going to get himself killed if he continues on so recklessly. Daryl refuses, and Rosita joins him, realizing she feels just as guilty over Denise’s death and needs this just as much as he does. Glenn and Michonne reluctantly head back home sans Daryl and Rosita. Along the way they are surrounded and captured by Dwight and his group of Saviors. Eventually, Daryl and Rosita come across the Saviors’ camp. As Daryl sneaks up, Glenn and Michonne try to scream warnings at Daryl through their gags. Daryl turns as he hears Dwight’s voice, “Hi, Daryl.” Dwight has his gun on Daryl and pulls the trigger. As blood splatters the camera, the screen goes black. We hear Dwight’s voice one last time, “You’ll be alright.” When you’re far too emotionally attached to this show and its characters the way I am, your only reaction can be yelling at the TV. YOU’LL BE ALRIGHT!?!?!? HE BETTER BE ALRIGHT!!! *insert a string of colorful obscenities*



We know our group of survivors are about to run out of their recent stream of luck. Despite some bumps in the road, they have had the upper hand with the Saviors. We’ve been looking at the Saviors as the bad guys, but with their body count continuing to rise at the hands of the Alexandrians, it’s easy to see how Rick and Co. are the villains in the eyes of the Saviors. And as the trailer for the finale hints—the Alexandrians are about to pay the price. Does this mean one of our favorite characters is going to die? Multiple characters? Minor? Major? There are still strong theories supporting the possibility of the death of fan-favorite Daryl Dixon, especially after last week’s episode. All I have to say about that is, “If Daryl dies, we riot.” I’d be surprised if Glenn dies, even though we know he dies in the comic book when Negan is introduced. They’ve already done that this season with dumpster-gate. Maybe it’ll be Maggie, or at the least she will lose the baby. As sad as that sounds, it’s had for me to imagine there being two babies on the show, and we already have Judith. But, I hate to say it, most of my money is on Carol. Despite the fact that I think Carol is totally kick-ass and one of the most interesting characters on the show, what the writers have been doing with her character leads me to think it’s her time to go. There was a time when Carol was ruthless, she did whatever it took to survive and protect her people. She became a warrior and a killer. However, she’s come to a point where she can’t be that anymore. She doesn’t want to kill anymore, and the thought of it is tearing her apart at the seams. Unfortunately, this is the world she lives in. It seems no matter how hard she tries, she keeps ending up in situations which require her to kill to survive. Considering she’ll never be able to escape it, perhaps it is time for her to be put out of her misery. Perhaps this time, instead of killing to save the ones she loves, Carol’s last act will be sacrificing her own life so those she loves can live.

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