Zombie Survival Guide: Mid-Season Finale


Oh good LORD! Just give me a moment to catch my breath and sharpen my sword because it was a bit crazy and I have a feeling things are only going to get worse.



We didn’t see much of these three this week. We see Glenn and Enid are still on the outside of the walls trying to figure out how they can help when they see the tower fall and all hell break lose. Glenn continues to guide Enid, helping her realize that running away doesn’t solve anything. Maggie is being chased by walkers that have entered Alexandria and they almost get her! But she climbs up onto a guard platform just in the nick of time. Phew. As we near the end of the episode we see Glenn and Enid climbing a tree away from all the chaos and Glenn catches a glimpse of Maggie trying to figure out her next move.


Merritt Weaver as Denise, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Lennie James as Morgan Jones, and Benedict Samuels as the W Man - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

As we know, Carol has discovered Morgan is holding a Wolf hostage and he has employed Denise to help him tend to the Wolf’s wounds. It’s a battle of wills between Carol and Morgan. Morgan is convinced he can help change this man so he never kills again. Carol is not willing to take that chance. She’s willing to kill Morgan in order to kill the Wolf so that no one dies again. In the end, the unwillingness of either the compromise leads to the Wolf getting the better of both of them and taking Denise hostage. He walks right out into the middle of the hoard of walkers with her. Good job guys. Way to go.



We find out Eugene is the one Daryl hears over the radio calling for help a couple of episodes ago. This is a nice little detail because it helps us sync the timelines of the different episodes. Walkers almost get Eugene as he’s calling for help, but he’s rescued by Tara and Rosita. Thank goodness. What would we do without our comedic relief? It’s a necessity on a show like The Walking Dead. They barricade themselves in a garage and break their way into the house. It just so happens to be the house Carol and Morgan are having it out in, and they come in just in time to see the Wolf grab Denise. They try to save her, but it doesn’t work out so well in their favor and the Wolf takes off with Denise, leaving them to tend to Carol and Morgan who have both been knocked unconscious.



Carl and Ron make it to Ron’s house along with Rick, Deanna, Michonne, Father Gabriel, Jessie, and Judith. While the grown ups are tending to the more serious matter at hand, Ron decides to be an emo teenager and have it out with Carl in the garage. He locks himself in with Carl and pulls the gun on Carl. Really, Ron? You think now is a good time to be doing this? Carl fights back and in the process the door is compromised and walkers get into the house. Way to go, Ron…NOT. Carl chooses the high road and doesn’t rat Ron out to Rick and Jessie. Seems like this cool move from Carl finally makes Ron wake up. The two seem to settle their differences (for now) and focus on the imminent danger. But Carl isn’t an idiot. He makes sure to take that gun away from Ron first.



As the walkers start flooding into the town, Rick yells for everyone to take cover while he starts taking the walkers out. Deanna runs up to try to help Rick and starts shooting the walkers everywhere but in the head. The woman may have guts, but she’s got terrible aim. In the process Deanna falls and injures her leg, and Rick helps her make it to the house along with the rest of the aforementioned group. While tending to her injured leg, it is discovered that Deanna has been bitten. WHAT?!?! NO! I really like her. Ugh! Just when you start to like someone on this show…oh well. But Deanna doesn’t go out without leaving behind some nuggets of wisdom for Machonne and Rick.

Interestingly, even though it has been Maggie that Deanna has been taking under her wing, it is Michonne with her in those final moments and Michonne who Deanna passes along her plans for the future of Alexandria. She knows Michonne so desperately wants a future here and believes it can work. However, she also asks Michonne to think about what she wants. If she believes there is a future and wants it to work, Michonne needs to know what she wants. Michonne also desperately asks Deanna to tell her what the Latin words on the blueprints mean. “Someday this pain will be useful to you,” Deanna tells her. Knowing everything that Michonne has been through, the loss she has experienced, this is profoundly meaningful. Deanna has a different conversation with Rick. She takes one last opportunity to remind Rick of his humanity—that he is a good man and a good father and a good leader. She asks that he look after her only remaining son, Spencer, and the rest of the Alexandrians as if they were his people, because after all, they are.



Sam is an interesting character. Ever since the wolves attacked he has retreated into himself and his home, too afraid of the monsters on the outside. In many ways Sam represents Alexandria—afraid and unprepared for the real world beyond their safe walls. He has absolutely no idea how to handle it when in comes what’s outside. At the end of the episode, Rick brings back an old trick all the way from season one. The group gets ahold of a couple walkers and cover themselves in walker guts in order to mask themselves and get out of the overrun house alive. Understandably, Sam panics at this, but Jessie tells him to pretend that it isn’t real and he is someone who is brave and isn’t afraid. As they are leaving the house, all seems to be working out. However, as the camera starts to fade out Sam starts to panic and calls out to his mom. Will his panic cause the walkers to notice them and their plan to fail? I guess we’re just going to have to wait for the Valentine’s Day mid-season premiere to find out.

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