Zombie Survival Guide: Go West Young Man

Things. Just. Got. REAL. I ended up having my “be careful what you wish for” moment after all because this week’s season finale of Fear the Walking Dead was zombie-filled and intense AF.


This week, our little band of misfit family members hatch a plan to go on a mission to rescue Nick, Liza, and Griselda (they don’t yet know she’s dead) from the military compound. It’s amazing how quickly people adapt to the apocalypse, isn’t it? I mean, one day you’re making pancakes for breakfast, the next you’re preparing to unleash zombies on your city in order to save someone you love. Daniel wants to take Andrew with them in order to guarantee they’ll find their loved ones, but Andrew convinces Travis to let him go because they both know the only way this ends for Andrew is getting a bullet in the head. Ummm…this is going to come back to bite Travis in the butt. I can feel it. And with this show, that bite could be literal or figurative.


Once they leave the quarantine zone, the plan is set into motion. Daniel strolls right up to the military compound like he’s stopping by for a cup of tea. In reality, he set all those zombies from the stadium free and is leading them right to the front gates like he’s commanding them in battle. With the distraction in place, they are able to make their way into the facility.



Liza is doing her best to help Dr. Exner evacuate the facility. But once the walkers get inside, it seems hopeless. Dr. Exner tells Liza to save herself while she stays behind to take out all the injured and sick who are left behind. Liza runs outside to meet up with one of the convoys that will bring her to safety. There’s bullets flying everywhere, walkers chewing on soldiers, and she’s just kinda wandering around in a daze. WAKE UP, GIRL! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! Just when you think she’s completely lost it, she sees a soldier walk head first, HEAD FIRST, into rotating helicopter blades in order to avoid changing after he’s bitten. That’s a wake up call right there if I’ve ever seen one.



Alicia and Chris are left behind sans weapons to guard the cars. I have a totally bad feeling about this. I do not like this one bit! Sure enough, we hear a commotion and see shadows of something coming their way. Is it walkers? IS IT WALKERS? Nope…just some soldiers abandoning their post to save themselves. Just as dangerous in my expert opinion. They smash in the car windows, drag Alicia and Chris out of the car, and demand the keys. Chris shows he has some fight and courage in him when he refuses to give them the keys and attempts to defend Alicia after the soldiers make inappropriate advances towards her. He gets knock out cold and we are left wondering what will become of them.


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Nick and Strand escape from their cage and try to find their way out of the building. Along the way we see a bit more of Strand’s personality. The dude seems to have the right ideas about how to survive, but he’s making me nervous. For now I’ll let it slide because he’s taking Nick along with him and I like Nick. Nick is my favorite. I’ll be keeping my eye on Strand next season, though. After all, this is the same universe in which people like the governor exist. The man seems to have a plan and doesn’t appear bothered by the dead people walking about. But when they get trapped behind a lock door and zombies are coming down the hallway right at them and the lights are flickering in and out, all seems over for them. Nick sees his mom, Travis, and the rest through the window of the door and he knows it’s over for him. He’s oddly calm. He tells his mom to go. At this point…I. Am. PISSED. I literally just said Nick is my favorite! He is not allowed to die. Liza must have heard me yelling at the screen because she runs up just in time with a key card and swipes the door open at the very last second. THANK YOU, LIZA.



Well, okay. Not really one big happy family, but at least they are all coming back together again. As they try to fight their way out of the building, they are being attacked by zombies. And since the lights are going in and out, I can’t tell at all if anyone is bit or not. At this point, Daniel and Ofelia find out mom is gone and it’s quite sad, but they keep fighting. They make it back to the parking garage and it turns out Chris and Alicia are okay. PHEW! Wait…IS THAT ANDREW!?!?! I knew he was going to come back into the picture. The guy must have followed them and now he has a gun on Daniel. But instead of shooting Daniel, he shoots Ofelia. WHAT!?! Well, that’s one way to break up with someone and get back at her dad all at the same time. Is Ofelia dead. I have no idea. Travis, meanwhile, is beating the crap out of Andrew. Turns out maybe Travis isn’t so weak after all. Really, I don’t see how Andrew is making it out of this one alive. Once Travis is done they leave Andrew behind and head out to Strand’s house (Ofelia is alive btw). Strand says the plan is to head west towards the ocean and not east towards the desert like the rest planned on doing. He also keeps talking about some girl named Abigail. Is she his wife? Girlfriend? Daughter? They make it to his posh beachside house where Nick admits to his mom that he he feels like this is a world he’s been living in for a long time and everyone is just catching up with him. I always had the feeling Nick was made for this world.


In the end, I literally can’t believe they all made it out alive. Whoops, just kidding. The writers think it’s okay to rip the rug out from under us and we find out in all the commotion at the facility, Liza has been bitten. I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS AT ALL. Liza tells Chris how much she loves him before going off on her own. She doesn’t tell anyone what has happened. Madison follows and Liza asks Madison to finish it for her. She can’t do it herself and she thinks it’ll break Travis if he has to do it. Travis shows up though and takes on the responsibility himself. Like I said, not as weak as we all thought. Nick and Strand are talking, Daniel is comforting Ofelia as she rests, and Chris and Alicia are holding on to the last bit of their innocence as they enjoy popsicles and the view. Then, ringing across the air, we hear an echoing gunshot.


BTW…Abigail is a boat. Interesting. Very interesting.

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