Zombie Survival Guide: Everything Is About People

SPOILERS: If you don’t want to know how Morgan went from a scared man to lunatic to Jedi Master then stop reading now.


Morgan Jones. The Man. The Mystery. The Legend. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but Morgan certainly has been an interesting character to follow throughout The Walking Dead. We first met Morgan and his son in the very first episode of TWD when he saved Rick’s life and filled Rick in on all the latest that was happening now that the world had ended. We next saw him in season 3 when Rick, Carl, and Michonne returned to Rick’s town to pick up a few things. Morgan was still there, but his son was not (let’s all shed a tear for Duane). But Morgan was different this time around. Let’s just say it how it is. Morgan was batsh*t CRAZY. He’d basically fortified a small section of the town for himself and spent his days killing walkers and burning their bodies. He had a stock pile of weapons and food. He had words and phrases scrawled across his walls and he muttered things to himself. Let’s all just back away slowly from this version of Morgan and don’t make eye contact. Maybe he won’t freak out on us the way he did when he stabbed Rick. That’s right. He STABBED Rick. Anyway, down the road we saw Morgan again. We got little glimpses of him as he was traveling along the road, but we didn’t know where he was headed and we weren’t totally sure if he was still crazy or not. Eventually, he finds the map with Rick’s name on it (What are the odds of that happening???) and we finally know where he’s headed.


This all brings us to the end of season 5 when we learn that Morgan has gone all Zen on us, believes that all life is precious, and has picked up some pretty handy skills with a bo staff. When the wolves attacked Alexandria in Episode 2 (“JSS”), Morgan did his best to not kill any other them. However, it does seem that the wolves he let go are the same who tried to attack Rick in the next episode (“Thank You”), so way to go Morgan…not. Morgan doesn’t kill any of them, but he does take one hostage, and his hostage is the very same one who tried to kill him out on the road in season 5. But Morgan spared his life. Which all brings us to this week’s episode, “Here’s Not Here,” and Morgan tells his story to the wolf.

If you’re like me and the rest of the world, you’re wondering how Morgan went for the previously mentioned batsh*t crazy to Jedi Master. Well, this week we got a 90 minute episode (umm…a bit too long in my opinion but still a great episode and a much needed rest from the heart attack inducing first 3 weeks) addressing Morgan’s journey to inner peace.


Long story short, mid-crazy Morgan is killing everything in his path, alive or dead, when he comes across a man named Eastman (cool name/portrayed by John Carroll Lynch). He tries to kill, or “clear” Eastman, but Eastman gets the better of Morgan and locks him in a cage in a cabin. Morgan witnesses Eastman go throughout his daily routine and it is obvious there is something different about this guy. After awhile Eastman finally admits that the cage has been unlocked the entire time and Morgan is free to stay or go. Morgan just wants to die and wants Eastman to kill him, but that isn’t one of the options. After attacking Eastman and getting bested yet again, Morgan decides to stay. He learns about Eastman’s own horrific past and how he discovered Aikido and inner peace. Morgan learns about how Eastman has come to believe all life is precious and he has made the decision to never kill again, to never go back. Morgan enters into this journey, learning about both inner peace and those bo staff skills we’ve come to appreciate. Unfortunately, Morgan still has a long way to go to get where Eastman is, but Eastman is bitten while saving Morgan from a walker and dies before he can see Morgan to the end of this journey. Just before Eastman dies, he tells Morgan that while he could stay at that cabin for the rest of his life, he shouldn’t. “Everything is about people. Everything in this life that’s worth a damn,” Eastman says. And it seems Morgan take this to heart, because as soon as he’s done laying his friend and mentor to rest, he sets out on the road following the same path to Terminus we saw all the others follow. Now, did he set off to find Rick or did that just happen along the way? I’m not sure, but it seems fate that they found each other again.



Morgan tells this story in detail to the wolf and it seems he wants to help the wolf in the same way Eastman helped him. The wolf knows this is Morgan’s goal. He agrees that perhaps it could work out, but doubts it. The wolf threatens to kill everyone in Alexandria, including the children, if he ever gets free. If Carol or Rick knew about this guy, there’d be no way in hell he’d still be alive. As Morgan leaves the house he’s holding the wolf in, he locks the door behind him. This is in direct contradiction of how Eastman left Morgan’s cage unlocked. Morgan may be trying to help this man the way Eastman helped him, but it seems Morgan hasn’t quite reached that inner peace to it’s fullest after all.


We haven’t gotten any update on the rest of our people, and we definitely still don’t know if Glenn is alive or not. I’m still counting on him being alive, but it doesn’t help when Steven Yeun (Glenn) is removed from the opening credits (writers and producers…I’m side-eyeing you so hard right now).


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