Zombie Survival Guide: Don’t Trust the Authorities


Remember last week when I said something about a government conspiracy? Well, I was TOTALLY right! I tend to be right, actually…I’m pretty smart. Anyways, after the chaos of last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, this week took a drastically different turn. Which is good, because I’m too young to die of a heart attack.

“Not Fade Away” was all about trying to maintain as normal a life as possible. I mean, Nick is lounging in the pool, Ofelia (Daniel’s daughter) is off making out with some random soldier (okay…she’s probably using him to get more meds for her mother), and Travis is going for a jog. WHAT?!? You’ve still got brains splattered on your wall from last week, and you’re going for a jog?

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I mentioned government conspiracy earlier. Well, the biggest thing to learn this week is that the government can’t be trusted. Big shocker there….not. They definitely know something and they aren’t telling us. The military has moved in and fenced off the area. They’re enforcing strict rules to maintain structure. There’s curfew, food rationing, power restrictions, mandatory health screenings, etc. And some people, like Travis, are totally buying it. WAKE UP, TRAVIS!!!!! They are not your friends! They are not your saviors! They’re telling you they are doing everything they can to help. Yet, when you’re trying to talk to them about your missing neighbor who was refusing a health screening earlier (is Doug our latest zombie victim?), they are…golfing??? Yeah, that gives me loads of confidence. Feel free to read that with as much sarcasm as you see fit.

There are those who do get it. Madison, Travis’ fiancé and mother to Nick and Alicia, senses it. She’s being pulled in a million different directions while Travis is off playing the trusted go-between for the neighbors and the military. She’s got Nick, who is refusing his meds and telling his mom he’s better while secretly stealing morphine for the sick old man next door (Gawd, Nick! You’re so selfish!). She’s got Alicia, who is traumatized from the zombie encounter last week and losing her boyfriend to the infection. She’s got Chris (Travis’ and ex-wife Liza’s son), whose parents aren’t paying any attention to him. She’s got the Salazars, who are strangers living in her home. And on top of it all, she still has to do the cooking and the cleaning. Oh, and she’s probably got a little PTSD from that minor incident of bashing in her zombie-boss’ head last week. Moms…they really do have it tougher than anyone else.


Chris thinks he sees signs of life outside the fences and Madison believes him, even though her dad brushes him off. Way to go, Travis. You can’t see me, but I’m rolling my eyes. Anyways, Madison sneaks outside the fences to see for herself what’s really out there. If she didn’t trust the military before, she really doesn’t trust them now. It’s clear they aren’t restoring the city as they are claiming. It looks like a war zone. Debris and dead bodies are scattered through the streets. Not all these bodies are of the infected, though. Uh-oh. I guess we’re not all as safe as we thought we were. Not only do we have to worry about the undead, we’ve got to watch our backs when it comes to good ol’ Uncle Sam, too.

It isn’t until the end that Travis finally seems to be opening his eyes. First, Nick and Griselda (Daniel’s injured wife) get hauled off by soldiers with the promise of medical attention. They don’t really have a choice, though. Nick is going by military force. Rounding up citizens who pose health risks, perhaps? I think so. Second, Travis finally sees what his son was trying to tell him about earlier. This time though, it isn’t just signs of life, but signs of gunfire. Hmmm…gunfire when we’ve already been told everything beyond the fence is dead? Lies, I tell you…LIES!


Daniel can see through the lies, though. He’s seen it before—the empty promises, the violence, the evil, the fear. He shares with Madison perhaps one of the most important lessons he has learned in his life. When Daniel was a young man his father told him, “Men do these things not because of evil. They do evil because of fear.” Wow…that’s deep. Daniel’s realization? “My father is a fool for believing there is a difference.” OMG…that’s even deeper! He tells her that when it happens, it’ll happen quickly and she needs to be prepared. Please just excuse me for a moment while I go put together my emergency Zombie Apocalypse preparedness kit…right, I’ll be right back.

Interestingly, there are no zombie sightings at all this week. But, isn’t that the point? Making us believe everything is going to be okay, and then the rip the rug right out from under us. Well, that’s just cruel…and damn good television.


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