Zombie Survival Guide: Apocalypse and Chill

[SPOILERS] This week, I could be found at random moments smiling to myself and staring off into the distance pondering deep thoughts, or more dramatically, running around the room squealing with glee. And trust me, I’m sure I was not alone. Why? Because last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, taking place two months after the events of the previous week, was basically goals. ICYMI, here’s why:

Major Bromance Feels…


Everyone’s favorite Zombie Apocalypse bros were finally at it again this week. Rick and Daryl haven’t had much screen time together lately, which is understandable, but also kind of sucks. Well, this week they were finally back together and it warmed the cockles of my heart—think Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid meets Dukes of Hazard. Rick and Daryl headed outside the safety of Alexandria in search of food, toothpaste, and soda pop; and they find it, too. Alas, the victory was short lived as they had a run-in with a mystery man (more on him later). All the same, it was fun to watch while it lasted.


Romance is in the Air…


As Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead put it, this episode was all about “apocalypse and chill.” It finally happened. The kiss heard around the world. Hearts were overjoyed as one of the most fiercely shipped couples on TV finally became a reality— that’s right, people. Rick and Michonne. Michonne and Rick. Richonne. Is. Real. This isn’t some casual hookup either. I mean, you’d think more of that would be going on at the end of the world with everyone not knowing if they might get eaten by zombies the next day, but this show is surprisingly, and I must say refreshingly, void of an over abundance of these kinds of scenarios. But when there is a couple who is meant to be together, you just can’t wait for them to catch up with the audience and finally get together. What’s beautiful about this moment between Rick and Michonne is how organic it felt. It wasn’t forced. It happened at exactly the right moment. Rick and Michonne already share this intimate friendship. They understand each other. They care about each other. They put their lives on the line to protect each other and the little family they have built. Now, they realize there is something more to this friendship of theirs. Also, I’d just like to point out that while Rick hasn’t had much luck in the love department in the past (Lori—dead, Jessie—dead), he’s finally found his match in Michonne. He can pretty much count on her to not die. *knocks on wood*


And Other Stuff…

Carl is recovering nicely from his gunshot wound, and he doesn’t seem to have let losing an eye get him down in the dumps…for now. Enid, on the other hand, seems deeply affected by the events of the previous episode. While before she always seemed to want to escape the walls of Alexandria, now she aches for their protection. Meanwhile, Spencer, joined by Michonne, is wandering the woods looking for his zombified mother so he can put her down. Carl finds Deanna and leads her to Spencer because he understands Spencer needs this for closure. Remember, Carl had to put his own mother down— he gets it. Later that night, Carl and Michonne have a nice little chat in which Carl lets Michonne know he loves her and sees her and his family.

Now, about that mystery man…


Jesus has finally made his appearance in the end times. No, not that Jesus. A ninja Jesus. Not to say the real Jesus couldn’t have been a ninja if he wanted to be (he could probably have downloaded the moves in his head like the Matrix if he wanted to…he is God after all). No. This Jesus, whose real name is Paul Rovia and is portrayed by Tom Payne, is a highly anticipated introduction straight from the pages of the comic books. First we encountered him when he stole a truck full of food and supplies from Rick and Daryl. He’s a crafty fellow, and I’m guessing he has some military and/or super secret spy training. This guy is all over the place—he steals the truck, gets tied up and then somehow frees himself to hitch a ride of the roof of said truck, then gets chased across a field by Daryl only to save Daryl from a walker with Daryl’s own gun. In the end though, Rick and Daryl are able to get the better of him. Daryl wants to leave Jesus up a tree, but Rick insists on bringing him back to Alexandria. Once home, they leave Jesus unconscious and tied up, with Daryl to keep watch. That’s when Rick heads home and he and Michonne, you know…Unfortunately, as Rick and Michonne are trying to get some shut eye, they are awoken by a harsh whisper. “Rick. Rick, wake up.” The two lovebirds hop out of bed in nothing but their birthday suits. Rick grabs his gun and Michonne her katana (that’s her sword…duh). The two are ready to go! Say this with me now, “Ultimate Power Couple.” It’s Jesus, of course, and he wants to have a little chat with Rick. WHAT!?! How did he get free and away from Daryl? Guess we’ll just have to wait for the next episode to find out.


In the meantime, I’m just going to relish the fact that we got to enjoy one of TWD’s happiest episodes ever.

I have a slight obsession with my bed.

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