A new era has begun, and that era is the era of Zayn Malik posting nonstop on Instagram. What?! You heard us right! Zayn has laid the inactive @niazkilam to rest and brought the insanely active @zayn to life. While our ears our (im)patiently waiting for him to make some moves with music as a solo artist, he sure has been keeping our eyes quite busy.

In just the few days of having his new Instagram account, he’s already blessed our eyes with a plethora of pictures of his lovely face. (Cause no matter how you feel about him/his past/his future, you have to admit that he’s more than easy on the eyes.) Let’s take a look through the bombs he’s been dropping over on IG:

Wow, let’s talk about those abs. Someone has been hitting the gym, and our eyes appreciate it.

And so begins the black and white aesthetic. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Zayn’s eyelashes because they’re so prominent, even from this distance. The leather jacket and his tats really contrast his serene face, making this pic look like one of a bad boy with a soft side.

Zayn + puppy = EVERYTHING we could ever want in one picture. Close-ups of Zayn are always beautiful. Once again, take another moment to appreciate his luscious lashes.

Yet another selfie, this time featuring his henna tatted hand. We love the tat, we love the man, we love the picture.

Another selfie. Back To Back (is this his way of telling us that we should be expecting a Drake collab in the future?) Everyone has a soft spot for a cute boy in a beanie. Extra points because the cute boy is Zayn.

He’s making music and we just got a gazillion times more excited for it. We totally have a thing for hotties in snapbacks playing the piano.

And we’ve been blessed with a fourth selfie in only a matter of days. Shirtless and gorgeous.

Then, bada-boom-bada-bing, he’s still making music and suddenly we feel like we might die without hearing something (ANYTHING) soon. Zayn, we’re (im)patiently waiting, man.

And now Zayn is on a boat. Kind of random, but also super cute. He looks like he feels on top of the world and we love it.

Okay, Zayn, we get it. You want to kill all of us with your beauty. Chill, dude. We’re still trying to recover from the other selfies.

Yup, we’re dead. This was the final straw. Two hot selfies in one day is enough to kill any fangirl, and Zayn has done just that. RIP us.

We’re pretty sure Zayn just took over the title of “Selfie King.” He’s probably already posted twenty more as we wrote this up. LET US LIVE, ZAYN.

You can follow Zayn on Instagram here, but beware, your heart may stop beating a few times if you’re unprepared for all of the beauty that is Zayn Malik.


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