Zayn Malik: The Rebirth

The dark days are over for the Zquad. Solo Zayn is on the rise. Ever since his departure from One Direction, Zayn Malik has noticeably amped up his Insta and Twitter game, so much that it has been making me a bit unstable. Speaking for myself, I have missed his voice a lot, and it’s something I can’t wait to hear more of as he continues on in his solo career.

As of late, I’ve been living off of this SoundCloud audio remix of only Zayn’s vocals in You & I. It’s pretty great. Click here for a free download, I’m sure you’ll want to save it because it’s banging.



Zayn recently announced on Twitter that he’s been signed to a new label, RCA, and going off of his social media posts, he’s been working in the studio quite a bit already. Zayn has been spotted with the likes of Manny Marroquin and Malay Ho, a music engineer and a producer, respectively, who have both won Grammys.  Marroquin is actually one of the most in-demand mixing engineers in the industry with forty of the albums that he’s worked on have reached number one on the charts. He’s worked with artists such as Kanye West, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys.

Manny Marroquinn

Malay Ho is a two time Grammy winning producer, who has worked with Frank Ocean, John Legend, and Jamie Foxx. Knowing that Zayn is working with extremely talented people has really reassured me about his future as a solo artist.


Zayn has so much talent, there’s no denying it. He has a beautiful range and his high notes, which are what he’s most known for, are out of this world. I’m beyond excited to finally hear the kind of music Zayn wants to focus on, as it’s public knowledge that One Direction’s style of music was never particularly what Zayn envisioned for himself.

It’s pretty clearn that Zayn is more into R&B/Hip Hop music. I’ve included a playlist (below) of some of the music he’s previously mentioned that he likes. He’s also tweeted about liking The Weeknd and Drake and that pretty much made my life because they’re two of my favorite artists in the whole world.

Recently, Zayn has been tweeting more about music, and has attended more social events where people from the music industry are likely to be – think The Valentino Spring 2015 Men’s Show, Kylie Jenner’s birthday bash, the Straight Outta Compton premiere. He’s planting seeds and networking. I’m assuming he’ll pursue R&B style music when he’s making his own. Let’s be real, his voice was made for a slower, sultrier style of music anyway.

I truly feel like people don’t understand the amount of anticipation and excitement I have for Zayn’s solo career. I am so ready to see Zayn shine in his own light, to see him be happy with and enjoy the music he’s creating, to finally see what kind of music Zayn feels is part of the real him. I’m sure there are many people out there who feel the same. Forget the history, forget previous ventures, let’s look to the future with Zayn.

I’ve always wanted to know more about who the real Zayn Malik is and I feel like I’ll really get a good sense of his person when he releases his debut album as a solo artist, the album that will be Zayn, Zayn and more of Zayn. Show me the real Zayn Malik, I’m ready.


Whether you’re a member of the Zquad or not, I’d keep an eye out for Zayn’s upcoming music.  I expect great things from him, and I’m so sure that he’ll deliver something beyond my expectations. Peace, love, happiness, and remember, Zayn’s coming.


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