Trendom’s Winter Fashion Guide

It’s a new season and new year meaning new trends.

‘Tis the season! This winter I wanted to step out side of the box, but still feel comfortable and warm. Definitely warm. With many family and friend gatherings coming up, you don’t want to repeat last year’s outfits. Trust me, trying to determine what year a photo was taken is easier when you have a different (fashionable) outfit every year. So stay caught up with the new trends this season and take something away from this fashion guide.

Easy Transition
I’ve noticed that a few fall trends are sticking around, although I’m not complaining; I’m an avid fan of soft suede and ankle boots. This outfit is an easy transition from fall to winter.


Comfy and Cozy
This outfit is another great transition outfit from fall to winter. The olive pants worn with a grey (or any earthy tone sweater) paired with a few red accents will make you stand out a bit in the cool weather.

Not So Chunky Sweater
If you aren’t fully committed to wearing a chunky sweater early into the winter season, I don’t blame you. I typically save the chunky sweaters for the middle of the season, the days that are below freezing. A thin sweater says “hey, I’m wearing a sweater, but not sweating my bum off.” But how do you make this outfit stick out amongst the other sweaters in the crowd? Bralettes have been making a comeback this year; be bold and show a little lace among the neckline of your v-neck sweater.

Pleather and Faux
Okay, so I definitely don’t have money laying around for a real leather skirt, or anything leather for that matter, nor real fur (also don’t have the heart for it either), but I love texture so I stick to buying pleather and faux fur. A pleather or leather (depending on your preference) skirt is classy and versatile. You could wear it to work and go straight for drinks after a late night in the office. The same goes for the faux fur or fur (again, your preference) too.

Ditch the Bulky Coat
Ponchos are making a comeback this season and I must say I was hesitant about it at first, but I realized how simple they are. Skip the bulky coat and wrap yourself in a poncho. Surely you’ve noticed my love for hats this winter season too; they definitely complete an outfit and make bad hair days disappear.

Layer with Flannel
I took it upon myself to ask a few of my twitter followers what trend they were most excited about this season. The answer? Flannels under sweaters and boy am I in agreeance with them. In this outfit I paired the mundane flannel with more of a crop top sweater to show more of the flannel underneath. I played with textures again and paired the top with pleather bottoms and wine colored, suede ankle boots. If you’re looking to make an even bigger statement, top it off with a statement necklace.

Dressing Up
Another answer I got back from my Twitter followers were tall boots. I took it one step further to make it extra tall boots- knee highs. So many A-list celebrities are walking in these bad boys and I had to try it out. These boots aren’t ideal for work, but rather most ideal for going out with the ladies. What I love most about these knee highs though, is that you can wear a crazy printed dress with them or, if you’re like me, a simple dress. Since I chose the simpler dress, I accessorized with a chunky statement necklace.

A Pop of Pink
Yes, I’ve been lacking in the color department, but it’s winter and bright colors are hard to come by so I try to find as many colored accents as I can. If you’re going out again (which if you are, I’m jealous of your social life!), then make sure you stand out in the crowd in a light pink, any bright colored, blazer. Combine the jacket with any top and simple black pant and you’re sure to make heads turn.

Plenty of Textures
As always, I saved my favorite for last. Instead of experimenting with different patterns, try mix matching different textures this winter. A velvet bralette and a loose glittery top make the perfect duo. And who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Fashion is all about breaking the rules and I’m positive I broke more rules by ditching those heels and boots and going for the shiny sneakers. If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone, this is the outfit for you.

To see where you can get these outfits, visit my account on Polyvore. I kept a majority of the items under $50 making these outfits affordable on nearly any budget.

If any of these outfits inspire you this cold and snowy season, be sure to tweet us or tag us in a picture on Instagram.

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