Why Am I Just Discovering The Piano Version of “This Is Gospel”? OMG

Panic! At The Disco is a huge pop rock group that mostly everyone knows. If you don’t? Well, you definitely should. Their music is not only catchy, but it brings back memories of middle school. We all had that pop rock stage, and let’s be honest, we still do.

I’ve always loved Panic!, but I sort of got off track with listening to them. One Direction kinda… well, you know… took over…

On their album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! the song “This Is Gospel” gained monumental popularity. I jammed to it hardcore for months on end when it was first released. It was nice to hear something that wasn’t in the pop genre for a change!

So the other day I had nothing to do, so of course I caroused the internet. During my browsing, I discovered a beautiful thing: THE PIANO VERSION OF “THIS IS GOSPEL.” I just about had a heart attack, because we dancers adore finding acoustic/piano versions of songs so that we can dance to them. AHHH! I watched the music video and I was in tears: Brendon Urie’s voice just kills your lady parts, you know? His voice cut straight through my soul.

This was basically my reaction:

Well, even though I’m a bit late to the party (two years late, be quiet), I thought we could all appreciate this beautiful version of “This Is Gospel.” Enjoy, reminisce, be amazed.

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College sophomore with a serious case of cat-lady status. My life was never the same after One Direction entered it, and then 5 Seconds of Summer just added fuel to the fire. I’m a dancer, reader, thinker, writer, nature enthusiast, and of course a fangirl. After visiting London I desperately crave its presence on the daily. I don’t think there’s a single moment I’m not thinking of Harry Styles? I’m also a goofball, so there’s that.

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