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If you haven’t heard of Hey Violet, you’ve probably been living under a rock. As the opener for 5 Seconds Of Summer on their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour in both Europe and North America as well as the first act signed to 5SOS’s label, Hi Or Hey Records, Hey Violet is taking on the music scene one awesome show at a time.

Although the band has only technically existed since February of 2015, they’ve all been playing and performing for quite some time before the official birth of Hey Violet. The band, made up of Rena Lovelis, Nia Lovelis, Miranda Miller, and Casey Moreta, are based in LA and they are what I’m loving.

Way back at the beginning of 2015, which honestly feels like a lifetime ago, 5SOS announced they’d be partnering with Capitol Records to create their own label, Hi Or Hey Records. Soon after, they announced Hey Violet as their first signed artist as well as their opener for the ROWYSO Tour.

At first, many were skeptical, including myself. But, given the fact that 5SOS were a band pulled from obscurity by another more popular group—One Direction—I knew I had to give Hey Violet a chance before I totally wrote them off. And after one listen to their song ‘This Is Why’ I was hooked.

From there, I got hyped. I was seeing 5SOS on two dates of their tour toward the end of summer (which you can read about here) and I was going to enjoy both the main act and the opener, which is pretty rare.

Hey Violet were welcomed by the 5SOS crowds, many especially excited by their cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space (you can watch a live version of it below). Taylor herself even tweeted about it, saying how much she loved it and Hey Violet!

So the months came and went, with me jamming to Hey Violet all the while. On July 17, 2015, they dropped their first EP, I Can Feel It, featuring ‘I Can Feel It’ (obviously), ‘Smash Into You,’ ‘Sparks Fly,’ ‘Can’t Take Back The Bullet,’ and the absolute tune ‘You Don’t Love Me Like You Should.’

At this point, you could say that I was pretty much bursting with excitement. Heck, even my dad enjoyed their music, that’s how much I was playing them.

August was finally here, and so were my 5SOS dates. When I heard that Hey Violet were doing acoustic hangouts before the shows at the venues, I was ecstatic. It was slightly surreal, as I had been listening to them for months and then all of a sudden I’d be meeting them.

Aside from getting really nervous and babbling when I met them, I need to say this: these are the sweetest kids I’ve ever met. Considering I’m at least 3 years older than their oldest member, I felt a bit weird and out of place being at the acoustic hangout, where the average age of girls was about 15 or 16. But, to my genuine and happy surprise, Hey Violet were so genuinely and sincerely nice and sweet. Not only did they do the acoustic set (which was two songs both days), they also took the time to take pictures with every single person in line, something they certainly didn’t have to do.

Absolutely love these kids, they're the cutest little cheeseballs 💖

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I was so genuinely moved by their kindness that, for my second show, I decided to make them little tour care packages as a token of my appreciation (I know, I’m like a mom). I gathered together some things that, as a teen, I would’ve appreciated in any kind of care package, including chocolate and silly string, among other things. I had just enough time to also make a sign, which read “Hey Violet? More like BAE Violet” (again, I’m a cheeseball and think that I’m hilarious).

So no sooner did one concert end before the next began (technically there was a day between, but it felt like only a moment). The crowd was possibly between 2 and 3 times bigger than the one just two days before, but they still took the time to take pictures with everyone.

Although it was just a small gesture on their part, I was so in awe of how kind and mature these babies (in my eyes) really were. Although I haven’t been with them since back when they were performing pre-Hey Violet, I’ll definitely be sticking with them as they move on to their own tour and beyond.

Hey Violet have got a tour coming up in December across the UK, and are more than likely going to announce some sort of US tour dates in the near future. I know I’ll be buying tickets for sure!

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