What A Time To Be Alive – Drake & Future Mixtape Review


Drake and Future just dropped a new mix-tape- and they think you need it.

What A Time To Be Alive, the mix-tape that has been drawing up a storm of rumors the past few weeks, dropped Sunday night on iTunes. Before it became available to buy, it was streamed on Apple Music via Drakes radio show- OVO Sound. Drake and Future recently toured together on Drake’s headlining “Jungle” tour, sparking rumors that they were working on a project together. Both described this mix-tape as something “for those who need it”, and trust me, you need it in more ways than one.

I have been a Drake fan for a long time. His music is identifiable, heartfelt, and has a broader message than a lot of music out there nowadays, and his collaboration with Future on What A Time To Be Alive is no different. Future is a little bit newer on my radar, but he has definitely been hitting the music industry recently with quite a bang. His newest album DS2 hit the internet this past July, and his tour with Drake has definitely helped him grow a bigger and broader fan base.


Some of my immediate favorites off of this mix-tape include “Big Rings,” “Scholarships,” and “Change Locations,” but each song has it’s own unique sound and style. All eleven tracks are the perfect mix between Future’s vocals, dripping with techno sounds and repetitive choruses that will be stuck in your head- and your aux cord, and Drake’s clever and ever-intertwining lyrics, drawing you in and making your Instagram-caption game strong.

Although the majority of the mix-tape features both artists, Drake flies solo on “30 for 30 Freestyle,” the eleventh and final track. After much speculation (especially from fellow rapper Meek Mill) that Drake doesn’t write his own raps, Drake responded with his most recent hit “Back To Back,” for those who said “he doesn’t write enough.” “30 for 30” backs him up on that fact and is a perfect ending to an amazing mix-tape. “The pen is working if you need some ghost lines,” is a line that surely reinstates Drake’s insistence that his lines are his own- and hopefully a hint that there is a new solo album on the way.

If you are looking to stream What a Time to Be Alive, the mix-tape is exclusively available on Apple Music and available for purchase on iTunes for the first week before it is released in other forms. Give it a listen here.


What a Time to Be Alive Track List
1. “Digital Dash”
2. “Big Rings”
3. “Live From the Gutter”
4. “Diamonds Dancing”
5. “Scholarships”
6. “Plastic Bag”
7. “I’m the Plug”
8. “Change Locations”
9. “Jumpman”
10. “Jersey”
11. “30 for 30 Freestyle”

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