#WCW: Sydney Sierota

Talented, adorable, and insanely gorgeous, my #WCW this week is Sydney Sierota. She’s probably best known for being part of the four-piece group Echosmith, a band composed of Sydney and her three brothers, who were behind the complete jam Cool Kids that ruled the radio waves this past summer; but there’s more to this girl than just a pretty face and a killer voice (although those are killer attributes!).

sydney sierota

A California native, Sydney began playing with her brothers (Graham, Noah, and Jamie) when she was just 5 years old, eventually leading to the success they’re enjoying today as Echosmith. In 2014 the band was named one of MTV’s Artist To Watch and had huge success with their hit Cool Kids, which peaked in the top 20s on the US charts.

Something that comes as a shock to a lot of fans: Sydney is really young. With an ageless beauty, it is really no surprise that she’s younger, but she’s only 18, and absolutely killing it. Now, I’m not one to be easily surprised, but my jaw dropped when I first found out how old Sydney was. I mean, to be that young and THAT talented?! Insane.

Speaking of how amazingly gorgoues Sydney is, it really comes as no surprise that she was signed to Wilhelmina Models this past May, the same agency that reps Nick Jonas and Coco Rocha. She’s already giving us some beauty pointers, detailing her makeup product by product for us on some of her Instagram posts.

And, as seems to be the true hallmark that you’re both a talented singer, actress, model, etc., she’s even befriended Taylor Swift, our resident queen of Hollywood. She sang at two of Taylor’s shows during her most recent tour, The 1989 World Tour (and I was at one of those shows!). It’s definitely an accomplishment when you’ve become close friends with Taylor Swift by 18.

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Sydney is also extremely adorable. It is pretty difficult to pull off silly faces and still be pretty while doing it, but somehow she manages it. She’s even aware of her silly faces, and often posts them on her Instagram.

Sydney is definitely a huge #WCW for me, not only because she’s so amazingly gorgeous, but also outrageously talented on top of being adorable and charismatic. And, she’s definitely someone I want at my next girls night to gossip, make delicious food, and sing our hearts out with!

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