#WCW Reese Witherspoon

#WCW: Reese Witherspoon

Delivery Date: Sunday, September 13, 2015.


There are very few movies that have shaped 21st century pop culture in the way that Legally Blonde did, an inspiring journey of a California sorority girl who sets off for Harvard Law School to prove to her insufferable ex-boyfriend that she can be independent and successful all on her own. And, a lot like Elle Woods, Reese Witherspoon has every bit of independence, dedication, and passion to succeed, which is why she has been my #WCW before hashtags even existed.

Her impressive filmography doesn’t stop at Legally Blonde – she has also starred in films such as Pleasantville, Sweet Home Alabama (heart-eye emoji), Water For Elephants, Wild, and my personal favorite, Walk The Line, just to name a few. She is one of the rare actresses who can play just about any role and bring a unique feel to each character. With various Golden-Globe and Academy Award nominations to her name, Reese stands above much of the entertainment industry in an elite group of actors that have defined our generations pop culture.

Whether she’s in five-inch heels strutting into a court room, two-stepping to Sweet Home Alabama in cowboy boots, or hiking across the pacific northwest with debilitating blisters, Reese Witherspoon leaves big shoes to fill for actresses that follow in her footsteps. But, she’s making it a little easier for women to slip into her shoes with her most recent business endeavor, a retail brand complete with clothing, accessories, and home decor called “Draper James” which was launched in May. Follow @draperjamesgirl on Instagram- but be prepared to stalk for hours and possibly spend a few hundred dollars on the online store. Draper James symbolizes a lot of what Reese Witherspoon is about- class, style, and empowering women to bask in the simplicity of life.

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After you’ve gotten through the seventeen weeks of Draper James Instagram posts, head over to Reese’s personal account (@reesewitherspoon). She is one of my favorite Instagram-ers (if that is a thing), and I aspire to have the layout and style that her social media portrays. Whether she’s exploring the streets of Italy with her look-alike daughter Ava, or delving into her southern heritage on the set of her Southern Living cover, Reese always looks flawless and shares it with the online world. Take a peak into her life and try not to be just a little bit jealous. (Seriously, refer to the picture below, how can you NOT be obsessed with her!?)

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Outside of her acting, business, and social media ventures, Reese is an advocate for women and children everywhere. She has been involved with the charity Save The Children for years, an organization that helps children all over the world with things such as education and health care. She is also a spokesperson for Avon products, a makeup company that also is tied in closely with charities that contribute to breast cancer research and domestic violence awareness. Reese is a prime example of an actress who uses her celebrity for good, even when it’s not a highly publicized charity or good-doing.

To me, Reese is a constant ray of positivity and light. In a recent Instagram post, Reese cheers on Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, saying that their performance of “Good For You” at #1989TourLA was the best collaboration of the summer, her constant reminder of girl power and building other women up. Turn on one of her movies and you’ll automatically relax, or at least I do. Movies such as Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde are a lot like my film comfort food, watching them feels a lot like coming home. She doesn’t pick up movie roles for herself, she picks up roles that she knows will mean something to other people, which makes her career so special and rare in the entertainment industry.

I consider myself lucky for being able to grow up watching a great example of girl-power on the big screen, and I am excited to watch this week’s #WCW continue to reach new heights and inspire others with her brightness.



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