#WCW: Leona Lewis

Meet Leona Lewis. If you’re from the UK, you may know her as the winner of the British X-Factor in 2006. Or if you’re from the US, you may know her as the artist who gave us ‘Bleeding Love,’ you know, the song we all sing to at the top of our lungs in the car.

Being from the US, I first heard of Leona Lewis through her single ‘Bleeding Love.’ I was in the eighth grade and of course life was tough for me because the boy I liked didn’t like me back. *insert sobbing emoji here* I was very dramatic, as most middle schoolers are, so this song was always on repeat. I quickly learned the lyrics via a YouTube lyric video which led me to watch her journey on the British X-Factor and listen to more of her music. Looking back, I think Leona Lewis was the first artist I have ever fan-girled over. She was, and still is, a big inspiration to me.

Before the X-Factor, Leona attended the British School of Performing Arts and Technology. After she followed her dreams to win the British X-Factor in 2006, she was signed to SYCO Entertainment. ‘Bleeding Love’ was released in 2007 from her debut album, Spirit, which went 10 times platinum in the UK.

Since her first album, Leona has gone on to release three more albums with SYCO. Echo was released in 2009 with the hit single ‘Happy’, followed by her third album, Glassheart, which she ventured out with by giving it a dubstep and electronic feel. Her fourth album was a Christmas album titled Christmas With Love. After that album, she dropped SYCO as her record label and signed on with Island Records. During the transition, Leona made it a point to be honest with her fans about what was happening and how she felt.

Leona felt like she needed to start doing things for herself and that’s what she did. I also love that interview because it really captures the essence of her sweet personality.

Moving forward with Island Records, Leona made an empowering album, I Am, that was released earlier this year.  I can attest that the single ‘Fire Under My Feet’ from I Am is phenomenal. Leona has such a beautiful voice and she hits a wide range of notes with such confidence and ease. If you need a pick-me-up, I highly suggest listening to the whole album. As she stated in the interview above, this album is about doing things for yourself and taking charge of your life and succeeding in doing so!

Not only is she passionate about music, but Leona Lewis is passionate about animal rights so she decided to become a vegetarian at the age of 12. She’s a philanthropist and an animal welfare campaigner for World Animal Protection; she truly has a kind heart. PETA even named her the sexiest vegetarian celebrity in 2008.

Aside from having a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart, she is beautiful on the outside too. From her effortless hair and make up to her trendsetting style, Leona is grabbing people’s attention left and right. She is the perfect example of showing that you don’t have to dress provocative to show how sexy you are.
Can she please be my stylist?

I just want to hug her and say “thank you for being you.” Leona Lewis is perfect in every single way. She’s been such a huge inspiration to me and many others; it’s lovely seeing her get the recognition for her talent and beauty that she deserves! I cannot wait to see her succeed even more than she already has.

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