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I think one of my favorite things about writing for Trendom’s #WCW Series is being able to showcase not only talented, beautiful women, but also women who make a difference. This week, Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHΞS is my #WCW because not only is she an amazing singer, she’s an amazing role model as well.

If you don’t know about CHVRCHΞS, the short story is this: they’re an indie electronic-pop band from Scotland that was created in 2011 by members Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty, and they’re phenomenal.

Lauren was born in a small village in Scotland, and grew up to earn an undergraduate degree in law and a Masters in Journalism. Before CHVRCHΞS, Lauren was in a few small, local bands—Boyfriend/Girlfriend and Blue Sky Archive. She met future band member Iain Cook when he produced Blue Sky Archive’s EP, after which he asked her to sing on a few demos with friend Martin Doherty. After 8 months of writing and recording in a basement studio in Glasgow, CHVRCHΞS was born.

We play @vfestival Chelmsford today at 6.50pm!

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Since then, Lauren has been absolutely killing the scene, not only as the most adorable human being, but also as a social activist who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and what she believes in.

As a woman in the music industry, Lauren is no stranger to misogynistic and sexist comments from Internet frequenters, who seem to have nothing better to do. In a 2013, Lauren even wrote an article about the issue for The Guardian.

@laurenevemayberry in Omaha NE, 24 September 2014. Photo by @rachaeltension.

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She recently commented on the distasteful messages she still receives to this day. In a recent Instagram post, she said, “My band is lucky enough to have some of the most awesome, supportive, and respectful fans in the world and we are so excited to be in the studio making an album to share with them. Yet, on a daily basis, we still receive communications like this [referencing crude comment]. These people never learn that violence against women is unacceptable. But they also never learn that women will not be shamed and silenced and made to disappear. I am not going anywhere. So bring it on, [expletive]. Let’s see who blinks first.” (You can see the post here, but a warning: it does involve language that is violent against women.)

Lauren is also a confident and proud feminist. As the founder of TYCI, a feminist collective based in Glasgow that aims to promote feminism, Lauren’s ongoing contributions include online articles, blogs, and she can very often be heard on their podcasts, as well as their monthly radio show.

Writing at home with ☕️☕️☕️

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She’s also a huge supporter of human rights. This past year, CHVRCHΞS performed at Refugee Festival Scotland, an event aimed at promoting awareness awareness of refugee issues and experiences as well as aiding refugees in rebuilding their lives.

#RefugeeFestScot, 3-21 June, scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk.

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One other really awesome thing that makes Lauren the ultimate #WCW is her killer vocals. Seriously, have a listen to the latest song off their new album, Every Eye Open, due out September 25th!

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