#WCW: Lana Del Rey

In all honesty, I’m surprised we have yet to run a piece on this week’s WCW, Lana Del Rey. With classic beauty that transcends the decades and an absolutely killer voice, Lana Del Rey is my #WCW this week, for quite a few reasons. Here are my top 5.

1. Her voice is AMAZING.
I remember that when I first started listening to Lana Del Rey in high school, it was mostly because I had heard a few other people joking about her lyrics and how emotionally she sang. It wasn’t until I actually listened to her sing that I realized these people who were joking were really just jealous.

While others might try to imitate her, her voice has a sultry quality that cannot be mimicked. There’s something about listening to her sing that makes the songs ooze into you, enveloping you completely.

2. She’s stylish, and she absolutely rocks it.
lana 5
I mean, really, no one pulls off classic looks like she does. She can wear anything from denim and a t-shirt to an evening gown and look flawless no matter what. Normally, when I wear jeans and a t-shirt, I look like I’ve thrown something on, but she always looks like she’s just stepped off the runway.

3. She’s timeless.
lana 6
Citing influences from across the decades including artists like Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley, and Billie Holiday, Lana truly brings a timeless feel to both her look and her music. While the lyrics may be current and relevant, the tone and instrumentation always leaves the listener wondering what era the song might fit best in. I mean really, this photo could’ve been taken yesterday or 60 years ago, that’s how timeless she is.

4. She’s edgy.
lana 2
She’s most certainly not the first in the music business to show an edgy side, but she brings something fresh to it. At a time when no one was like her, Lana wasn’t afraid to bring out her own edgy personality and let it show proudly. She write lyrics that are risque, but doesn’t let any backlash affect her.

5. She’s absolutely gorgeous.
lana 3
This one most definitely speaks for itself, just look at her!

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