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If you are an instagram stalker along with being a low key Kardashian fan like myself, you may of heard of Kaitlynn Carter. She is the gorgeous and sweet girlfriend of  Brody Jenner. Now, I watched every single episode of The Hills and I know how Brody can be with his girlfriends, but I think this one has changed him for the better. Not only does she model, but she has her own blog The Western Wild where she shares her knowledge on beauty, fashion, and relationship advice. She also seems to make a great puppy-mom.

Kaitlynn was born in Portsmouth, NH, which she says is a beautiful place to live because the town over looks to the water. She’s also lived in Italy, Palm Beach, Florida, and London before eventually making her way to LA. She graduated from The University of New Hampshire with a degree in English and worked in the financial services industry for a while before deciding to pursue other avenues. She began modelling around 2009 and was a finalist for Maxim’s 2010 Hometown Hottie.

She began The Western Wild blog in 2014 and covers almost any topic you can think of. Lifestyle, fashion, travel, love, interviews, and you can shop her must-have items. She even did a really adorable post about how she met Brody. I will link that specific post here because I know you want to read all about it. She has really made a name for herself outside of being Brody’s arm candy and I admire her for that. Would she have all the opportunities she does without him? I’m not sure of that, but you can’t deny that she’s paving her own way on #teaminternet with nearly 600k followers on her personal IG and 35K on TWW page.

She recently started an online shopping boutique called Foray with her long time friend Tiana. It’s a site to help fashionistas discover brands from around the world. Kaitlynn and Tiana put it in their own words: ” We beleive fashion is form of expresssion. We love finding unique designers and brands that inspire and push shoppers to think outside the box… to stand out. It’s a pretty kick-ass site for the risk-takers out there.” This site will offical launch November 2015. I can’t wait!

Let take the next few moments to envy her life and stare at her true beauty.

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I encourage you to check out her blog and her social medias when you are looking for inspiration in any aspects of your life. Tell Kaitlynn I sent you! Until next time my sweet, sweet friends.


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