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As a self-professed Marvel Fangirl, many people assume that I’m only in it for the unfairly, ridiculously, attractive men. But they’re not the only reason (heh). The ladies of the Marvel Universe are pretty kick-ass, both on- and off-screen. This week, I’d like to share my major girl crush on the absolutely lovely Ms. Hayley Atwell.  Although Hayley is best known for her role as Agent Peggy Carter in the Captain America films, a cameo in Ant Man, and on Marvel’s Agent Carter, she’s been in a whole slew of movies for close to a decade. Oh and she’s completely gorgeous and undoubtedly needs to be crowned The Queen of Dubsmash (more on that later).

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Hayley began her acting career while still in school, when she attended Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Her first feature film was Woody Allen’s Cassandra’s Dream. She also appeared in The Duchess and Brideshead Revisited. After a few years in film, she made her West End stage debut in A View from the Bridge. She’s also appeared in TV miniseries and movies. She was also recently, briefly, in Disney’s Cinderella as Cinderella’s mother.


In Brideshead Revisited


In Disney’s Cinderella 

Hayley’s biggest role to date has been as Agent Peggy Carter, the sharp-witted and badass British agent who aides Captain America, first appearing in Captain America: The First Avenger and then several other Marvel Universe movies. In 2015, Marvel debuted ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter,’ giving Peggy Carter her own show and Hayley a leading role. I am personally a HUGE fan of AC. It’s set right after World War II ends and goes through how S.H.I.E.L.D. – the fictional government agency that the Avengers work with- began. World War II and Post-WWII are my favorite eras and the show perfectly blends history and comic book lore.

Hayley is the perfect person for the role of Peggy Carter. She completely embodies the character, even (accidentally) taking her passport photo in full costume once (she ran out of time and went straight from set).


Aside from being an incredible actress, Hayley is an advocate for Stomp Out Bullying, a non-profit organization that is the leading anti-bullying and anti-cyber-bullying organization for kids and teenager. Most recently, she’s shown her support of the organization through the Dubsmash Wars fundraising challenge, teaming up with her co-star James D’Arcy and the rest of the AC cast against the Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennett and the cast of ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.’ #TeamAgentCarter was recently proclaimed the winner of the war after raising $79,259 for Stomp Out Bullying against #TeamSHIELD’s $75,070 raised for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

This brings me to possibly my favorite thing about Hayley. She LOVES Dubsmash. She was way into it long before the Dubsmash Wars happened and she’s still posting all the time. She’s found the perfect remedy to on-set boredom when she’s not in her scenes. And she gets her friends involved.





If you’re a Marvel fan, you probably LOVE Stan Lee. THE MAN HIMSELF!


This isn’t a dubsmash but I love Chris Evans and Hayley’s dynamic so this slipped in.







If anyone has an in to the set of Marvel shows, please let me know.




Basically I want to be her friend, make a few dubsmash videos with her, go to a few charity events and just have a gal-pal time. This is why she’s my #WCW.

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