#WCW: Emma Stone

We’ve got a guest editor for #wcw this week, my friend Anne. I’ll let her do the talking about Emma.

Why wasn’t I a colic baby? Emma Stone was. And it resulted in a beautiful, sexy, raspy voice as an adult. (Which got her to be the voice for Eep, in the 2013 DreamWorks animation film “The Croods”. )
That is just one of the many, many things that I love about Emma. My Woman Crush Wednesday.
The first time I saw Emma Stone was in the movie “The Help”.  For ages I had bragged to my friends about how no movie had ever made me cry. This movie had me bawling like a baby. If, for some inexplicable reason you have not seen this movie, do not hang your head in shame, but get to it!
Emma played Skeet, the ‘ugly’ girl. Which promptly was the only implausible thing about the movie. Because, how?
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She is absolutely gorgeous. Big blue eyes, adorable freckles and the most radiant smile. Plus, a figure to die for.
All these things are the reason for the woman crush I have on her.
After The Help, I picked Crazy Stupid Love to watch next. A romantic comedy. Help! I don’t usually watch romantic comedies. But this has Ryan Gosling starring beside her. So how bad could this actually be?
You know my name not my story | via Tumblr
The contrast between The Help and Crazy Stupid Love could not be bigger. From crying because my heart was ripped out, to crying from hysterically laughing.
Another thing I had bragged about to friends, that romantic comedies could never get me to do that.
To go from an Oscar winning drama to a ‘light’ romantic comedy and be outstanding in both performances is an testament of Emma’s talent.
And she has been proving herself, ever since. And quite effortlessly.
Of course, you have seen her in both the Amazing Spider-Man movies, Gangster Squad and the critically acclaimed Birdman.
But besides her awesomeness in the movies, she’s also just a very awesome person.
Another reason I love Emma is the fact that she knows what it’s like to have panic attacks. What? Yes. Panic attacks. I’ve had panic attacks myself ever since I was a teenager. Something that is difficult to explain and hard to understand for people who have never experienced this. Which has made me feel very misunderstood for ages.
But Emma Stone understands! Of course she does. She has managed to get a handle on her anxiety by getting into acting. Being ‘in the moment’ doesn’t allow her to think about all the stuff that makes her panic.
Not that it inspired me to go to drama class, but the mere fact that someone of her status has suffered from the very same problem and has a grip on it, is somehow very comforting.
She’s a star, but she’s very me at the same time.
Anne: Trying to grasp this adult thing. Working in a cubicle. Partying inside my head. Music and concerts save me. Movies and tv-shows entertain me. Books and fanfics rejuvenate me. Louis Tomlinson keeps the teenager in me alive.
Prone to distractions. I spend my time making playlists for every mood and researching new beauty/fashion trends, if I’m not too busy working. Usually found wearing blinged out headphones and bright lipstick, chair dancing and singing too loud. I take my LIAM with a side of Niall.

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