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You may know her as Mitchie from Camp Rock or Sonny from Sonny With a Chance, but Demi Lovato wants you think of her as one word: Confident.

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Her fifth album, titled Confident, drops on October 16th. She is a New York Times Best Selling author of two books, Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year, and Staying Strong: A Journal, a fashion icon, and and inspiration millions of people, teens and adults alike. Whether you’ve been a fan of her since her Barney days or are just now discovering her, there’s no denying that she is on fire. That’s why she deserves the crown of  #WCW.


Born Demetria Devonne Lovato, she started playing the piano at age 7, and learned the guitar at 10. Since then, she has released 4 albums, headlined 5 tours, and opened for just as many artists. She has an incredibly powerful voice, and her songs tell a beautiful story.

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‘Skyscraper’ is all about believing in yourself and standing strong against those who try to knock you down.

‘For the Love of a Daughter’ tells the story of a young girl and her struggle with loving her father even though he is an alcoholic and abuses her and her mother.

(This is not the official music video, but is beautifully made by a fan.)

‘Really Don’t Care ft Cher Lloyd’ is about not caring what your ex is doing because you know your self worth.

‘Warrior’ is about being stronger than you ever thought was possible and not letting people’s comments get through your “armor”

‘Fire Starter’ warns everyone that you take risks and that they shouldn’t underestimate you.

And just because this is absolutely amazing and gives me chills:

“Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran Cover)”



Demi’s fashion has evolved with her as she has grown up. When she first started out on Disney, she dressed in a lot of black, and cute, age-appropriate outfits. Her hair stayed mostly the same color (brown and black).

demi 2008 3

demi 2008

sdemi 2008

She then started dyeing her hair and began making her style more edgy.


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demi blonde with pink

demi pink

Today she looks every bit the polished, confident, sexy woman she is.

demi 2015

pink demi

vmas 2015

She looked stunning on Sunday at the VMAs.



Demi has had her share of hardships. In October 2010, she pulled out the the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert tour and entered rehab for self-harm, bulimia, and drug use. She was using cocaine and started smuggling it.

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During her treatment, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and said she had a nervous breakdown. Since then, she has been incredibly open about her struggle.


She was a guest contributor for Seventeen and wrote about her experiences. Her half-sister, Madison De La Garza, told Seventeen that Demi has been defending her against online bullies. She wrote her aforementioned books after her time in rehab.

demi struggle

Demi Lovato inspires me and millions of other girls to be strong, confident women. By sparing her own life and not letting her insecurities and difficulties get the best of her, she has saved countless lives.

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