#WCW: Alexis Ren

You may not have heard of Alexis Ren yet, but now’s the time to get to know her. Alexis is an American fashion model who lives life to the fullest. At the young age of 19, she has accomplished a lot. She currently models with Nous Model Management and gets the added perk of enjoying most of her travels around the world with her boyfriend, Jay Alvarrez. Alexis radiates beauty and happiness, and is my pick for this week’s WCW.

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Born in Santa Monica, and Alexis is THE cali girl. First, there’s her smile that absolutely radiates like the California sun. It’s gorgeous! Her smile is contagious, to say the least. Then there’s her killer beach body. Most shots of Alexis involve swimwear, and she definitely rocks any type of swimsuit she models. She keeps in shape with yoga, and you can see from her Instagram account that she’s a pro at healthy eating habits. Personally, her Instagram feed inspires me to eat healthier.

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Her boyfriend, Jay, features Alexis a lot in his Youtube videos. They highlight their adventures together as they travel the world. Can you say #jealous?

In my eyes, Alexis is an inspiration. She’s all about the here and now, and living in the moment. To follow more of Alexis’s adventures, check out her Instagram and Twitter.

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