Unplugging: My 2016 Resolution


In 2016, my goal is to use my smartphone less and live my life more.

I love social media as much, and maybe more, than the next person, as I am pursuing a career in social media and media relations, but I have found that I spend way too much time scrolling through my timeline than I do actually living my life. I came to realize in the last few months of 2015 that if I read through my twitter feed and get to the end of it, I don’t have to sit there and refresh until one or two new tweets come up on my timeline. I can put the phone down and do something productive rather than just waiting for something new to read on my phone.

That being said, my resolution isn’t to give up social media. My resolution is to cut down on the time I spend on my phone and focus more on myself and the people around me this year.


To help me reach my goal I have downloaded an app called “Checky”. This app tracks how many times you “check” your phone during a 24 hour period. The first day that I downloaded the app, I didn’t try to cut down on usage at all, I wanted to see how many times I checked my phone without even thinking about it. My number that first day was over 200 times- way too many if you ask me. So, I decided to set a reasonable goal and try to limit my phone checking to under 125 times a day. I eventually want to get this down to 100, but I am going to be realistic and take baby steps.

Along with making sure I check my “Checky” app to see if I am reaching my goal, I am also going to try and focus on doing more proactive things when I am not checking my phone. I have started carrying a book around with me wherever I go (a real, hard copy book, I’m old school) so whenever I feel the need to scroll through Twitter mindlessly for a twentieth time that day, I can crack open a book and learn something. This is a way for me to put that energy I would be spending reading tweets about One Direction into something proactive.


Do you feel like you use your phone too much? Come along on this ride with me. There are tons of ways to focus more on living than scrolling. Doing a Google search of ways to stay off your smartphone comes up with a ton of articles about what you can do to wean yourself off of it.

Happy 2016!

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