Trendom’s 12 Days of Christmas: 5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Day 8 is here! Trendom’s 12 Days of Christmas is here to guide you with tips and tricks to get you through the holiday season. Over the next week and a half til Christmas, we’ll bring you the best holiday drinks, must-have stocking stuffers and tips on where to get those last minute gifts that always pop up on your to do list. Today we have 5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas!

Now, I know a lot of us live a hectic life and sometimes it is extremely hard to shop for presents at a reasonable time. Or if you’re like me, you leave everything for last minute and are stuck on what to purchase for someone. Luckily, Trendom has five ideas on what might be cute last minute gifts.


Beanies are always something everyone needs. You can find many types of beanies, at many different stores. You can get them in any color, and it’s always a nice and thoughtful gift. You will help keep someone nice and warm during the winter.

Board Games

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – we have our phones to play on now! BUT board games are a lot of fun and generally require a group setting so that means socializing and yay socializing! From Monopoly to Apples to Apples, you can find any type of board game that you know will bring a smile to someone’s face. You have many options when it comes to the different board games that exist, and I’m sure the individual will put great use to whatever game they receive.

Cell Phone Cases

Cell phone cases are a very popular accessory that many, many people have. They range from your basic color cases, to cases with very crazy designs. You can find any type of phone cases at any phone store or the mall. Both Ross and Marshall’s also have a good selection of phone cases at a reasonable price. Plus, nothing shows someone that you care more than wanting to protect their phone.

Body Care Gift Sets

Body care gift sets are always a great last minute gift! They always come in a cute box with three to five different types of lotions, or soaps, or sometimes a mixture of the two. The Body Shop has a great selection of body care gift sets. The box they come in is super convenient for storage of ALL of your body care & who doesn’t love new lotion?

Spa Day

Let’s be real, everyone needs time to relax. Everyone needs a nice day to themselves where they get catered. A spa day? Would be a perfect last minute gift. You can easily book online, and send the person who is getting their gift? On an amazing relaxing day.

Hope this list helps with last minute shopping, and I hope you all enjoy your holidays!

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