Trenders React to Infinity and 1D Snapchat

We’ve got #trenders on both coasts and we can attest to the fact that when One Direction drops news, it travels FAST! It usually traverses the country via ALL CAPS text message and frantic snapchats, which is the preferred medium of fangirls, and it allows us to experience it together even when we’re miles apart and at work (shhhh don’t tell).

The past two days were a quick succession of punches in terms of announcements and happenings in the One Direction world. In the span of 24 hours, we got a 1D snapchat, album name and release date AND a new song.

Let us be the ones to tell you the text messages were FLYING today… sorry data plan, you’re probably getting overused this month! Anyway, we thought we would give you an idea of what a conversation with us looks like when something big happens.

Trenders Alessandra and Barb discuss what their fangirl chaos looked like today:

B: I think you told me about the snapchat… you’re always in the loop and I’m a little behind. But THANKS FOR THAT because I miss nothing!

A: Yeah, I think I saw the notification from 1DHQ’s twitter that they had created one. Honestly, I think it was a mixture of complete surprise and not really surprised at all, seeing as Niall was on Lou’s snapchat a few times and we thought it’d be hilarious if HE got one. I guess an official 1D snapchat is the next best thing.

B: Totally! I was so psyched to see Niall actually using it this morning, and since it’s not like there’s notifications for snapchat like there are for twitter, we pretty much rely on giving each other the heads up when something good happens. (like HELLO Niall, we actually wouldn’t mind at all seeing Liam get naked on snap!)

A: Oh I was giggling like a little girl at that exchange, and I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve watched it. It was nice to see it be a bit candid because the fear was that a 1D snapchat would be too formal, which Liam kind of did with the whole “Hi Snapchat” *sigh* Liam, you’re so cute when you’re serious.

B: Correction – Liam, you’re so cute always! HAHAHA Anyway, that’s not even the biggest thing they did this week! Again, I’m fairly certain you alerted me to the new album pre-order, because I don’t ever check the alerts on my phone… sometimes I’m a terrible fangirl…

A: I SHRIEKED. Legitimately shrieked. As if a spider had fallen on me. I work at home and I’m pretty sure that my neighbors down the block heard me but I really don’t care. I’m just happy I wasn’t on a business call at the time. I don’t even think it was a notification, just that I was scrolling my TL and saw someone RT it. Freaked OUT.

B: We freaked… and then… we waited… because apparently One Direction can announce an album pre-order and a bonus track without even actually giving us the link. So work had to wait while I just sat and SPAZZED OUT on twitter with everyone else!

A: OH that was nerve-wracking and I think I saw someone post the link before 1D even tweeted the link. I’m still not sure how that worked but all I know is that I opened iTunes and clicked “pre-order” as soon as I could. And then checked to make sure that it was the Deluxe Version.

B: But it wasn’t even working at first! And then the song didn’t happen right away! And I couldn’t find it! And we were waiting waiting waiting like crazy people…

A: And then you FREAKED because you found it on Spotify…. hold on I have the exact words from our group chat (six fangirls in one group chat = utter chaos by the way)



R: Wait it’s out?








B: It’s possible I was a little over-excited. Whatever. Fangirl gonna fangirl! I got you the info you needed… kinda!

A: Yes, you definitely did. And then I listened to it in a numbed trance twice before I had to get on an HOUR long call for work. Again, we promise we work very hard at our day jobs…but sometimes ya gotta fangirl.

B: And I did. Not only did I fangirl, but I filmed myself upon first listen and SENT IT to all of my best 1D friends so we could share the moment.

A: Your story was SO cute. Your face. Didn’t A screenshot it?!

B: Yes, I was screenshotted. I was also asked later by my husband what was Infinity and why did it cause me such joy? Look, I love new music, I love 1D, and their voices make me smile!

A: Their voices make a lot of us smile, whether their singing or calling each other “Diva” or “Diva-er” (still laughing at Liam)

B: Ugh… Liam’s voice. Just keep talking, I don’t care if you sing the phonebook Payno, just never stop!

A: I’d have to agree. He can do falsettos through the C’s? But anyways, I think a few of us were so freaked out by the song or the announcement of the album name (Made in the A.M.?!??!?!) that we didn’t realize the other had happened. I definitely saw people on my TL going “OMG WE GET A SONG TOO?!” to which I said, uhhh YEAH.

B: And the deluxe album is 17 songs and 2 videos. Dropping November 13, which is not soon enough, but you know… I might just take off from work that day?

A: Oh that is going to be on repeat from November 13 straight through the New Year. Sorry family coming down from Washington for Thanksgiving….we’re listening to Made in the A.M. Hope you like it!

B: I’m sure I’ll like it. I don’t think I’ll ever turn it off – sorry hubs. We’re getting a more modern sound so far (as opposed to the past two classic rock influenced albums) and I’m ready. Actually… I’m not ready… but I’ll never be ready so 11/13 really can’t get here soon enough.

A: Agreed. I like the new sound. AND the new LOOK. Can we talk about the album cover?!?!? I mean LOOK AT IT. Actually I’m not even sure if this is the actual album cover…it might just be a promo shot. But maybe it is? Again, Little Mix released their album cover when they announced Get Weird and since 1D and LM have the same label and management, maybe they’re going with the same strategy? Who knows.


B: OF COURSE we can talk about it! They look so manly, if a little confused? But also, can I squeeze into that snuggly couch? It looks so inviting, I love that they’re just bro-ing around on the couch, looking at eachother fondly, making dopey (handsome) faces.

A: Well if we’re going to talk about couches, we might have to show this picture then that compares the couch from the One Thing music video to THIS one. (Yes, sad/nostalgic) but they went from boys to MEN. Like, Manly Men.


B: They really did. Men with chest hair. And skinny jeans. And boots. And sometimes scruff? YESSS….

A: It boggles my mind how much they’ve changed in five years. I mean, I logically know that a human being changes quite a bit during puberty but to see it in pictures year after year, along with hair styles (ahem, Harold), is just a bit crazy.

B: Agree. But their music has changed, too. Made in the A.M. is as far removed from Midnight Memories as MM was from Up All Night. That’s nuts to me. They changed a lot in those first few years, going from pop cheezballs to arena rock monsters.

A: Yes, they really did. I’ve really loved the progression from them, going from the bubblegum pop to really owning their sound.

B: They do own it. I’m excited to see what comes next. And I’m even more excited to share it with friends, this is my first 1D album as part of the online fandom!

A: Mine too! OH it’s going to be fun!

B: Remember, if they drop it early and I’m asleep, you need to call THREE TIMES to override my Do Not Disturb settings!

A: Yes, yes I know. As the West Coast girl, I get to raise hell and wake everyone up. Bring it!

To complete the saga of September 22, 2015 in One Direction Land, check out Christle’s review of the Apple Music Festival and One Direction’s interview with Beats 1 right here!

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