Trender Across The Pond: The Beginning

Hello all, and welcome to the first post in our new Trender Across the Pond series! I’m never very good at introductions, so I’ll just dive right in: for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Ally and I’ve been with Trendom for about a year now.

On January 18th, 2016, I’ll be leaving to do a 3-month interning stint in Ireland. I wanted to bring the spirit of Trendom with me and wasn’t quite sure how, but then it hit me: a weekly series giving a perspective from, as many call it, across the pond.

The idea behind this is to not only include my personal travels and mishaps— trust me, there will be a lot of them— but to also include some helpful, first-hand advice from someone who is currently traveling. I know I don’t always trust people who blog about past travels, as a lot of mishaps get glazed over for a better outlook on the trip as a whole. I intend to put forth the whole truth as it happens and while its fresh in my mind.

I’m in no way claiming to be any type of experienced traveler, or some globe trekker who constantly hops flights to and fro. I have, however, traveled to Europe on three different occasions: to Spain for 10 days in 2010; to Rome, Italy for 9 days in 2014; and to multiple European countries over a span of 25 days in 2015. While I may not be a globe trekker and am still a bit afraid of international flights, I certainly have some experience with traveling.

For both privacy and affiliation reasons, I won’t be talking specifics about my internship: no names of people, the company, and the like, and no descriptions specific enough to get me in any kind of trouble. Plus, this series will be more focused on my experiences while traveling, and any other traveling I do while I’m there.

Anyway. Here’s the most specific information I can give you: I’ll be a writing intern at a company in Dublin, Ireland from mid-January until early- to mid-April of 2016. I’ll be living in Dublin during this time, but I plan to do as much traveling as possible within the nearby areas. On my must-visit list: Scotland, Austria, and Greece (a bit of a stretch, but I’ll try to make it work!). On my to-revisit list: London/England in general, Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium. I am extremely excited about traveling, so if you’ve got any good recommendations on places to visit, things to do, or deals in different areas, I’m all ears! Leave some suggestions in the comments!

I’m extremely excited to go on this journey with all of you, and I hope you’re excited, too! Look out for my post next week, in which I’ll recommend some packing/travel tips, and more than likely be putting off my own packing at the time. Little preview: you shouldn’t put off packing to the last minute, even though that is probably what I’ll end up doing.

Wishing I could drop everything and go back. I definitely left my heart in Europe 💛

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