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A few weeks ago, I saw Wolf Alice at The Olympia here in Dublin, Ireland. This past week while battling the flu mixed with a nasty sinus infection (the latter of which I still have), I braved the crowds to see my absolute favorite (non-One Direction) band, The 1975.

Let me first say, this is the 6th time I’ve seen The 1975 in concert, and I’m set for a 7th time in May when I’m back home again. You can read about my most recent American concert of theirs here. Yes, I’m obsessed.

The thing that made this time different than the rest was the fact that I had an assigned seat. Any other time I’ve seen The 1975, I’ve fought the crowd to try to be front and center, something that takes much more energy than I actually had at the time.

Thankfully, past me planned for the fact that future me would be either a) working until almost showtime and unable to line up, or b) sick as hell and needing a seat. Therefore, a ticket for an actual seat was bought many months ago.

The best thing about sitting and watching the show from a seat (or standing, but not being crushed) was the fact that I actually got to see the show instead of just hearing the music. I’ve said it about them before, but The 1975 put on such an interesting live performance and really tailor their actual show itself to fit their music in the way that it makes everything much more than a concert.

I was a bit doped up on about 4 different medications to attempt to keep myself standing for the night, so a few of the details are a bit blurry. I remember this much though: they were amazing. Now, obviously I know this and I have known this for a while, but there was something about seeing the show in a whole other light (and place) that really had me emotional.

First and foremost, the lighting was fantastic. The new pink aesthetic was present throughout all the new songs, while the use of the black and white theme was drawn upon when heading back to songs from the first album. Not many may have noticed that from the pit, but in the stands it was quite obvious.

"And I am very lucky, look at these BOOTS" @trumanblack

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The demeanor of the band on stage was something entirely different from what I’d previously experienced. Perhaps it was the newly appointed album at the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 200 or the fact that they had a substantial break between last tour and this in order to rest up, but the band was absolutely jumping with energy. Gone were the broody, heavily sorrowed boys I saw in December of 2014 and in their place were completely different and energetic men who were having the time of their lives.

It was absolutely amazing to hear a lot of the new album live and to see them connect with the crowd, all 14,500 of us. To say I was proud is a drastic understatement: after seeing these boys go from playing a dodgy club in Toronto to selling out Ireland’s 3Arena, I was absolutely floored.

These boys mean a lot to me, and watching them do such wonderful things has me in all kinds of wonderful moods. I’m keeping the dream alive by continuing to see them live, and hopefully you guys will be along for the ride.

Next week, you’ll get to hear all about my adventures in Glasgow and my experience seeing CHVRCHES!

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