Trender Across the Pond: So, What’s Different Across the Pond?

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Hello all! It’s weird that I’ve already been in Dublin almost a week. Time sure has flown already! Good news: I’ve started my internship and it’s an absolute dream. I love all of the people and the work I get to do!

Since I’ve had time to be in the city and gotten to the point of actually living here, I figured a good topic this week would be the big differences I’ve noticed — from the things I miss about home to my praises over the amazing things Dublin has to offer. So here’s what’s so different across the pond…

The Grocery Store
Possibly the thing I am having the most difficultly with is the fact that there’s no gigantic grocery store I can run to while I’m here. The nearest true grocery (an Aldi’s) is about 15 minutes away, but we’ve also got to then walk back with the bags full of groceries. This makes grocery shopping something I have to do every couple of days instead of every week or two, like at home. It’s AWFUL.


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The Buildings
The buildings here are GREAT. They’re so old and beautiful but they aren’t too tall that they block out the sky. There’s a lot of history in this city, even in every building I pass on my walk to work, it’s absolutely amazing! Also, there’s not a lot of buildings with elevators (since they’re so old), so it’s a lot of stairs to walk up, which is good for me but also exhausting. I’m out of breath by the top!

The Food
This one’s got me bittersweet, to be honest. I miss my home spot Moe’s terribly, but the food here is absolutely delicious. I’ve had a lot of takeout (as I’m too lazy to go seriously grocery shopping yet) but it has all been fantastic. There are quite a few adorable restaurants in my area that have delicious and often cheap food.

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The Bars and Pubs
The nightlife here is absolutely outrageous! People go out every single night, and there’s at least three pubs on every block. Everyone’s extremely nice here and they’re all out to have a good time, so you never end up lonely at a pub even if you go out alone. Plus, the bartenders are amazing and really know how to fix a drink!

The Weather
As you probably heard, the whole East Coast of the US got winter storm Jonas this past weekend, leaving them covered in over 30 inches of snow in some places. It’s snowing a lot in my hometown, but the weather in Ireland is almost perfect! If they ever get snow it only ends up being a dusting and the rain is manageable. Plus, the temperature has been far above the norm for this time of year, meaning a light jacket is perfect for walking in.


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All in all, I’m quite enjoying the differences across the pond and I can’t wait to share more of my experience with you all!

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