Trender Across the Pond: Flying Tips and Tricks


When this publishes, I will have taken two flights to get to Dublin, Ireland, and I’ll be settling in to my new (temporary) home! This week, I wanted to talk about my best practices for what I think is the worst part of the trip: the actual flight.

Now, if you’ve never flown before, even the thought of flying might send shivers down your spine. I know that I was always terrified of flying, right up until my first flight at 15 years old, which was only 45 minutes (and, to be honest, I cried for a good portion of it). Even years and many flights later, I’m still not a huge fan of flying, but I know it gets me where I need to go. For others, flying is a breeze. Whether you’re used to flying or not, here are my top 7 suggestions to make flying a bit easier for you.

1. Organize your in-flight necessities BEFORE you board.
Lots of airlines now allow you to have not only your carry on, but also a personal item (computer bag, purse, tote, etc.) on board, meaning you’ve got a good spot to put everything you need. Not only will this save you time by allowing you to sit down right away, but it will also keep you from being that person digging around their bag and holding up other passengers trying to get on board.

noise cancelling headphones2. Invest in ear plugs/noise canceling headphones.
There is nothing worse than being stuck next to a crying baby or someone who snores on the flight, preventing you from a peaceful flight or that nap you planned on taking while up in the air. If you’re someone who needs silence to sleep, a good set of ear plugs is a must. If you can fall asleep to music, splurge a bit and get a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Even though it might cost you a bit more, your body will thank you after you get a good amount of rest.

harry styles hoodie3. Wear a hoodie/coat on board.
Airplanes are often freezing cold, and the blankets provided by the airline are almost always as thin as a tissue. You may feel you’re too warm wearing your coat/hoodie on board, but you’ll be thankful you wore it when lights out comes on those overnight flights. Plus, you’ll have extra room in your carry on if you don’t pack your hoodie in there.

4. Bring a change of clothes.
While we’d like to think that airlines are perfect, they often lose luggage on the way to your destination and it can sometimes be a few days until it gets to you. If you pack an extra pair of clothes, you won’t be stuck in the same outfit you’ve probably been wearing for 1-2 days and you’ll feel a lot cleaner.

book on plane5. Pack something you’ll enjoy doing.
I love the in-flight option for movies, but often only find myself watching 1 or 2 before I get bored and need to do something else. Bring a book, cards, a playlist, anything really to help keep things interesting on your flight and not bore you.

6. Drink plenty of water.
While it may be tempting to drink the free alcohol on the flight, you need to make sure you’re drinking lots of water. When you’re on a flight, you can get extremely dehydrated, and alcohol makes that worse. Not only will hydrating with water help lessen any jet lag you might experience, but it also gets you up and going to the bathroom more often, letting you exercise your legs and get blood to flow, which is important at high altitudes.

7. When there’s turbulence, jiggle.
I know, this one sounds really silly, but it actually works. Turbulence can be one of the worst part of a flight, but by jiggling your body slightly when you hit rough air, the motion counteracts that of the plane, meaning you won’t feel the turbulence as bad. Don’t worry, it won’t be noticeable, because everyone else will be moving with the turbulence as it is.


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