Trender Across The Pond: Cruisin’ Through Cashel


Hi guys! This week’s post will probably be a bit short, only because I’ve caught some sort of bug over the weekend and I’m under the weather (I even missed work today, not too good!). This weekend, I took a day trip with a few of my housemates to Cashel.

Now, you might be thinking, “What’s in Cashel?” The answer: not much, actually. There’s only really one thing that draws tourists in, and that’s the Rock of Cashel. If you’re like me, you might think that it’s an actual rock, but it’s actually an old church.

I won’t bore you with the history, but I will say that it was an absolutely gorgeous church. Although it’s partly in ruins and there’s conservation projects going to keep the site in as good of shape as possible. We even got to see some of the oldest known semi-preserved frescoes in Ireland, painted sometime before the 17th century.IMG_5592

We then headed on to a lesser known and lesser visited place down the road called Hore Abbey, which is more in ruins than the Rock of Cashel. A lot smaller as well, it’s not technically regulated by any service and is open to the public free of charge.

While very run down, it was still absolutely amazing to be in such an old place. It’s definitely different from being somewhere in the US, as this place was more than 1000 years old.

Although it was biting cold out and I more than likely got sick while we were there, it was a great time and I’m definitely glad that I went. Tune in next week to find out what other antics I get up to. See you then!

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