Tori Kelly Kills It In NYC

Concerts are my absolute favorite place to be in the world. For just a few hours you can go and lose yourself in the music, and not think about anything else. This Friday, April 29th, was no different. I saw my queen, Tori Kelly, and her opening act, Thirdstory. This was one of my most anticipated concerts for the spring and summer, and it completely exceeded my expectations.

I was lucky enough to get VIP tickets which gave me access to a meet and greet. Although it was really quick, Tori was super sweet and nice as I always imagined her to be. I love when you’re able to meet an artist and even if you only have a few seconds with them, you can tell that they truly care about their fans and are just as excited to meet them.

Once the show started, I was on cloud nine. The opening act, a New York-based band called Thirdstory was amazing. I had seen them at their own show a few months ago, but they were even better this time. They’re sound is cool folky-soul with sick three part harmonies. My favorite song they sung was their song G Train. They got the crowd involved with this one and it definitely set the scene for the rest of their set. I also loved their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Style.”


When Tori came on, I completely lost it. I’ve been a huge fan of her for awhile, so it was surreal to finally see her in her element. She opened with her album opener, “Where I Belong” and then transitioned into “Unbreakable Smile.” She did most of the songs on her album, and then some songs from her EPs. My favorite throwback song she did was “Daydream.” She introduced it as a letter to her younger self, and it really resonated with me. Tori also did a medley of songs she covered on her YouTube channel before she blew up, and gave a special shout out to those that had seen the videos.


The entire show was flawless, but I think the end was my favorite.  She had a drum-solo/battle with her amazing drummer, and it was just so cool. I had no idea she could play drums, so this was surprising and so different than what I had expected.

My favorite song of the entire night had to be “Something Beautiful.” It was extremely upbeat and the entire crowd was really into it. I also loved her encore where she performed her latest single, “Hollow,” and “Should’ve Been Us.”

tori kelly

Tori is just simply amazing, and I highly recommend going to see her if you have the chance. I also really think you should check out Thirdstory; they deserve all the success and recognition. Tweet us, @trendomco, if you’ve seen Tori Kelly in concert or if you’re planning to!

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