Top Picks: Romantic Comedies

I love love and I love comedy.

Romantic comedies are my favorite movie genre. My Netflix account only recommends rom-coms to me now—not that I’m complaining. Since I’m pretty well versed in the genre, I thought I’d pick a few movies that everyone needs to watch at least once in their lifetime.

Sadly, I was just recently introduced to this movie. How have I not watched this until a few weeks ago? Luckily, a few friends had told me all about it and I caved in. It’s filled with the right amount of humor, love, and suspense. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time because I wanted the stars to align for these two. I fell in love with this movie so much that I HAD to go to the restaurant, Serendipity, (the one Jonathan and Sara went to) to live out my dreams of being in this movie.

The Proposal
No matter how many times I watch this movie, I end up crying on the floor from laughing so hard. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock feed off of each other—they’re truly the best comedic duo in this one. The situation they get themselves into is a little far fetched, but that’s Hollywood for you. And don’t even get me started on Betty White’s character, Gammy. I wish to have half the spunk she has whenever I am her age!

Jersey Girl
This was another movie that I had just recently watched for the first time. Forewarning, the movie does start off serious and sad, but I assure you that is not the tone of the entire movie. Liv Tyler’s character, Maya, is not one to keep things to herself, as you’ll quickly see. And poor Ollie Trinke, played by Ben Affleck, is having a hard time with his career and still learning the ropes of fatherhood, even 7 years after his late wife’s death. This movie certainly puts you through a roller coaster of emotions.

Love Actually
I’m a sucker for the movies with a huge all-star cast where all of the character’s lives seem to mesh together all throughout the movie. If you like those types of movies as well, then Love Actually is actually for you. There are just so many cute love stories that my heart ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ the whole time—there are a few not so lovey stories as well; it makes the story line more realistic and relate-able.

The Switch
A drunken night has serious consequences—however, you don’t find out what that consequence is until later. Or maybe if you’re really great at solving mysteries, you’ll find out what that is very early into the movie. Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite actresses and Jason Bateman never fails to make me laugh. These two are really great at going from serious to hilarious in a matter of seconds. I relate to that, personally. Just watch this movie and feel your heart melt.

Pretty Woman
If you’ve never watched this movie, then I’m going to assume you have been living under a rock for the past 20+ years. Pretty Woman is a classic. Obviously this rom-com is filled with plenty of romance (on a piano, even!) and plenty of laughs. Richard Gere is a total babe, as is Julia Roberts. If I had it my way, these two would be together in real life, but life doesn’t work like that.

Sleepless In Seattle

Ahh… another classic. I remember when I rediscovered this movie on Netflix. I watched it three nights in a row and then convinced the boy I was talking to at the time to watch it with me at the same time (we weren’t physically together). It was a cute little virtual date that I’ll never forget. These two characters’ best friend is fate. Will they end up together or not? Watch it and find out! Plus, the little boy, Jonah, is extremely adorable and I want to put him in my pocket.

He’s Just Not That Into You
Once again, this movie is filled with quite the all-star cast whose stories mesh together in the end. There are quite a few quirky characters that I can relate to in this movie, especially Ginnifer Goodwin’s character (Gigi). We’re both quirky and in love with Justin Long. This movie takes you along a journey that is full of ups and downs and it is actually full of advice that is useful—so basically it’s educational.

What are you waiting for? Climb out from under your rock and sit back, prop your feet up, and have a laugh or two if you think romantic comedies are for you!

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