We all know that this has been a really rough spot here in the 1D Fandom. It crushes us deeply that our little boy from Bradford has left One Direction, but we support him in all of his endeavors. We’ve come up with a list of things to try and get your mind off of Zayn (for the time being, at least.)

1. Ice cream? Ice cream.

Ice Cream
2. Read a good book! You’ll get lost into the story and will be momentarily distracted from the fandom sadness.

Read A Book
3. Get off of social media for a little while, no matter how hard it is.

Get Off MEdia
4. Take a nice run to blow off some steam (We recommend listening to Nicki Minaj or catchy Ariana Grande songs)

5. There’s never a wrong time to watch Pitch Perfect.

Pitch Perfect
6. If you have it, play Just Dance! (Not the one from Best Song Ever…)

Just Dance
7. Painting your toenails seems ideal

8. Clean your room, it will keep you moving.

9. Bake some cupcakes/cookies!

10. Take a long nap.


These are only a few ideas to take some of the heaviness off of your heart, but there are many more ways! What are your ways of keeping yourself occupied elsewhere than being glued to a distressed Twitter timeline? We know it’s hard not to keep up the sadness, but get your mind off of the situation for a little while!

(Don’t forget to smile!)

Zayn Smiling

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College sophomore with a serious case of cat-lady status. My life was never the same after One Direction entered it, and then 5 Seconds of Summer just added fuel to the fire. I’m a dancer, reader, thinker, writer, nature enthusiast, and of course a fangirl. After visiting London I desperately crave its presence on the daily. I don’t think there’s a single moment I’m not thinking of Harry Styles? I’m also a goofball, so there’s that.

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