The Quest for Replenished Lips

I’ve struggled with chapped lips my entire life. I have to have chap-stick with me everywhere I go because I never know when my lips will become so dry that it’s uncomfortable. The worst experience was being at a concert and suddenly my lips were burning, I went to grab my chap-stick and realized I forgot some. That was the worst night of my life— okay, not the worst, but I was irritated. I could never find the right chap-stick that moisturized my lips for more than an hour. A few months ago, I started a journey to fix this problem. I wanted to go more than an hour without having to smack more chap-stick all over my chapped lips.

I started with a clean slate and threw away the chap-sticks I used in the past. Nearly two weeks after I started to test a few products, I noticed a significant difference in my lips. I wonder why I hadn’t ditched my old products a long time ago.

Over the past two months, I have tried three different products. If you’re like me and aren’t blessed with naturally moisturized lips,  you may need to consider these products.

LUSH Lip Scrubs
I’ve heard many people talk about LUSH lip scrubs; it was all good so I decided to give it a try. After about a few days of using it, I decided that it’s best used only in the morning. I typically use it right before I put my makeup on. I can’t use the lip scrub throughout the day because it’s rather messy. After using it, I had excess lip scrub down my shirt and around my lips. Other than the mess though, this product is pure magic; it takes off the skin that is always peeling off my lips.  Success!

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Balm
A coworker actually mentioned this product to me and WOW I’m so glad she did! This light formula goes on smooth and lasts for nearly 4 hours. I use this product throughout the day, everyday. I’ve noticed that the more I use it, the less I actually need it. With the six different shades, Dr. Rescue is perfect if you don’t want to put too much time and effort into your lips. Whenever I do wear a lip color though, I wear the shade Too Cool because it goes on clear. Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Balm gets 5 stars from me!

Coconut Oil

I love to try natural products. When I learned that coconut oil could heal lips, I was ready to try it. Coconut oil works incredibly fast, leaving my lips smooth and moisturized for a long period of time; I can hardly believe they’re my real lips. Since it’s a hassle to carry a jar of unrefined virgin coconut oil around, I typically only use this product at night before I go to bed.

I’m sad I didn’t these products sooner, but I’m glad I have them in my life now. My lips have never felt better and I really don’t have to worry about leaving my chap-stick at home.

If you use a product that I didn’t mention, comment below or tweet us what you use!

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Feature image by: Nika Akin

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