The New Musical Rage: Hamilton

Hamilton: It’s the new Broadway rage. Lin Manuel-Miranda brings history to life in a modern fashion. The musical depicts the time of our Founding Fathers with a hip hop-infused track list, and the show is sold out months in advance. Hamilton is the must see Broadway show right now.


When the musical opened on Broadway, its advance ticket sales were reportedly $30 million. That was before its official opening. Holy cow! The musical begins by depicting Alexander Hamilton’s life and it progresses all the way through to his death.


The musical’s fun, adventurous vibe engages the audience, making it very popular. It’s not a typical Broadway show, that’s for sure. While some of the songs have typical Broadway character-like qualities, the track list is mainly hip hop.

The costumes are spectacular, too. I wouldn’t mind rocking the 1800’s look if I got to wear one of these dresses!

Hamilton Richard Rodgers Theatre Cast
Hamilton Richard Rodgers Theatre

At some point or another in the musical, we can all get in the vibes of Alexander Hamilton, and the Schuyler Sisters can make us feel fabulous. Regardless of favorite characters, the musical is worth a listen. Tickets are nearly impossible to get right now unless you want to pay a stupendous amount of money, but from what I hear, it’s a life-changing show.

Recently, the 2016 Grammy’s took a break from the Staples Center in Los Angeles and showed the opening number of Hamilton from the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City. The soundtrack won Best Musical Theater Album, and the creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, accepted the award from the theater in New York City.

Make sure to follow the official Hamilton account on Twitter for updates, and check out the album on Spotify! It is available for purchase on iTunes.


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