The Internet: What’s APP-ealing

We’re all using our phones to connect more often than not now, and what does that mean? Apps. Lots of apps. There’s barely a website or service that doesn’t have its own app, and some are great, while some are kind of horrible. Let me recommend a few of my app-solute favorites!

First, a super fun one that’s BRAND NEW. It’s called Poncho, and it’s a weather app, hosted by a cartoon cat. You can actually use it as an alarm to wake you up with the weather every morning, the report is accompanied by a joke and a gif, and you can set it to give you a hair report. Frizz warning? Better go with a ponytail! I’ve been getting text notifications from Poncho for at least a year now, and I’m really excited to use the app.

Another app I’ve been using for a while is Clue. This one is great for girls. It helps you keep track of all the parts of your cycle, from reminders about taking your birth control pill to noting doc appointments to just letting you know that your period is about to start. My favorite part is that it keeps track of all your past cycles so you can get to know your body’s patterns and can see easily when you’re out of whack. Also, it’s always improving and adding new features, which I really appreciate.

Lastly, I’ve been using GMail for years but I’ve recently felt like the native iPhone mail app didn’t really jive with the way I organize email. About 2 months ago I made the move to Inbox, an app designed to be used for GMail on your phone, that translates beautifully to the desktop interface as well. It’s focused on productivity, and the best feature is bundling. A bundle is basically a filter that pulls together all the relevant emails under one conversation. So all the sale emails? They’re not junking up my inbox with 90 line items, they’re just one line that I can expand, quickly scan, and delete all at once. Same for my volunteer gig, where I can check off what I’ve done already but leave my To-Do list of emails still in my inbox until I have time to respond.

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