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We’re living in a wonderful time for SUPER movies. I can’t even count the number of movie franchises out now that feature either superheroes, mutants, wizards or humans with abilities far beyond what’s expected. It’s cool and it’s exciting, and I’m totally obsessed just like everybody else. Probably my favorite thing is diving deeper into the stories, going behind the scenes and thinking about what makes these stories, and the movies that depict them, so special.

I’m really loving podcasts lately, and a new favorite is 99 Percent Invisible. I recently listened to an episode called “Fixing the Hobo Suit” – the title of which was taken from a line in The Incredibles. It’s all about costume design for these movies, how it’s changed and how the costumes are informed by the character. Really interesting stuff!


You know I can’t ignore girl power, even in the boy’s club that is hero and action movies. So you should check out this very funny interview of Daisy Ridley, by none other than Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. I love the advice Carrie gives her, and her sense of humor about how ridiculous fame can be.

FISHER: They sent me a Star Wars suitcase … Daisy, will you do me a favor?
RIDLEY: Of course. What can I do?
FISHER: I want you and I to go to Vegas with all the swag and act like we’re normal people carrying Star Wars suitcases that they just sent me-hats, dresses … We will be put in a mental asylum, but it will be a very popular one after we get there. Will you consider that?


As you know, I recently saw Deadpool (and reveled in all the trailers for new movies coming out this summer). Anyway, a defining characteristic of Deadpool is awareness of being a character. This video posits a few theories of exactly why.

So there’s just a small dose of all the content being created to support all these superheroes and super humans. Get lost in fantasy land and enjoy it!

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