The Internet: Snap to the Chat

Snapchat is the app that nearly everyone has. Instead of asking for phone numbers or twitter handles, we’re asking for Snapchat usernames. Having another social media platform to distract us from work and important tasks is just what we needed. Nope, no sarcasm here! It’s the perfect app to actually see what our friends are up to; and to see what our favorite celebs are up to.

Many, many, celebrities are releasing their Snapchats to the public— including Tyler Posey. In fact, Tyler just announced that he has the app and some fans were curious about his username. This small series of tweets had us giggling:

Us too Dylan, us too.

This weekend, and next, is Coachella! For those unlucky ones who aren’t able to attend, Snapchat was nice enough to bring a piece of the infamous festival to us— a flower crown!
As a matter of fact, we are keeping a close eye on Coachella this weekend and next. Throughout the next two weeks you can find articles on the fashion, music, and art right here at Trendom!

Just this week, we learned a Snapchat hack. *evil laughter because we love hacks*  You can have not one, not two, but THREE filters at once! Yes, our lives have been made too. It’s actually quite simple, all you have to do is take the picture (obvi) and then choose your first filter. To add the second filter, hold your finger on your phone screen and then swipe with your other finger. And to pick your third filter, repeat the previous step again. It’s that easy!
You’re welcome.

Rumor has it, we are getting a Snapchat. Stay tuned, we’ll release more details about our new social media account in the next few days!

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