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Once upon a time, I was an architect, and I spent a lot of time researching presentation — design that was both beautiful and served a purpose. I’ve found a few amazing things around the internet this week that are worth a second look.

Apparently, amazingly, there’s a group of designers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs that daydream of a travel agency specializing in hopping from planet to planet. It’s a long ways off from actually happening, but they’ve designed a series of beautiful posters that are free to download — you have to print them yourself — and somehow look both retro and futuristic.

I don’t really watch football for the game. Usually I only watch the Super Bowl, and that’s just because the commercials are funny and the musical performance is exciting. As someone with a design mind, I have pondered the on-field graphics while watching a game or two, and this video shows how much work actually goes into creating that first down line. I’m officially impressed!

Have you ever drank kefir? It’s like yogurt, but liquid like milk, and I love it. In a funny twist, my go to brand of kefir has partnered with clothing designer Cynthia Rowley to put out special bottles of a limited edition flavor featuring a pattern from her new sportswear line. It might make being healthy slightly more fun? Whatever, it looks cool!

Have a lovely week, hope you find all the beauty in the world around you!

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