The Internet: Share, Overshare

The internet has opened us up to the wide wide world of sharing every moment of our lives through social media, which has it’s ups and downs. Ups because you can Snapchat the birthday song to your best friend on the other side of the country, downs because Justin’s “little Bieber.” (I’m not linking to that! Use the Google!)

One of our favorite sharing apps, Instagram, just turned five. I remember having a Blackberry before my iPhone and feeling very left out of all the fun happening on Insta! Taking a look back, it’s pretty impressive how much about the app has changed, but also how much has stayed the same.

Now that the whole world has embraced photosharing, including many celebrities, we get behind the scenes funnies like this one. The “Dad” here is Alec Baldwin – celebrity dads, they’re just like our dads… kinda.


Way back before there was facebook for shmoopy posts about your significant other, there was the original overshare – PDA. Anyone who has taken a subway in NYC can probably relate to ManRepeller and the feeling of “I can’t watch but I can’t look away” that accompanies being trapped underground with a couple who just cant get enough of eachother.


You know what’s the best thing ever? Pictures of dogs and cats (aka the internet’s sole purpose). Some wonderful photographer – Ty Foster – stumbled onto the amazingness of dogs sticking their tongues out while eating peanut butter and made a WHOLE BOOK about it. I’ll take one copy for everyone I know!

So keep doing your thing and share all you want – tweet us @trendomco whatever you find and maybe we’ll feature it here next time!

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