The Internet: Quick Hits

This week breezed by pretty quick, so it wasn’t really a week for internet browsing so much as clicking on the links that promised instant gratification. Don’t waste your time, just check out what I found for you.

Are you one of those Pumpkin Spice Latte people? I’m not really, but I know so many of my friends are, and they were pretty psyched to find out that you can get one before they’re officially out by following along on twitter!

As soon as I saw the words “Tom Hardy”, “dog” and “movie premiere” in the headline, I knew there was something good to be seen. And I was right! Who doesn’t love a cute dog??


According to science (and also to my muscular arms a few years back) the best workout’s are actually the quickest ones. I was actually following Zuzka the first time she did her ZWOW workouts, but it looks like she’s going back now to try to beat her own best times! It’s totally worth it to follow along (most are only 10 minutes long, but I’ve never sweat so much in my life!)

And you know what? I usually give you four links but since this one’s just a quickie, THAT’S IT! Enjoy your long weekend, because apparently summer is unofficially-but-really-officially over come Tuesday.

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