The Internet: Press Play

There were so many new music videos to watch this week on the internet. To me, music videos can either make or break a song; if the music video is awful then it really ruins a song for me, sadly. Luckily though, the music videos I watched this week were great!

These two videos were my favorite:

DNCE released their newest video for “Toothbrush” on Wednesday. This sultry and sexy video had my attention all the way through. Ashley Graham was the PERFECT lady to be paired up with Joe Jonas. And can you believe these two only met mere hours before they started filming? They have such great chemistry.

One of my favorite bands, Coldplay, also released their newest music video this week for “Up&Up”. It’s an adventurous video and it’s just as powerful as the lyrics. I can only imagine that the making of this video took a long time. There’s a surprise around every corner.

Now this video isn’t a music video, but it’s sure to make everyone laugh— Star Wars fan or not.
Click HERE to watch!
This fun-loving mom proved that the toy section at Kohls wasn’t just for kids. AND moms can have fun too!

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