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Commuting can be a drag, and even though we ALL love a good Carpool Karaoke, sometimes it gets a little lonely belting out “Grown” by yourself. So I’ve found some podcasts to keep me company. They’re all very different, but each have the ability to make me laugh and relax, almost as if I’m chatting with my besties on my way to work!

First up is the newest of the bunch, Pardon My French with Garance Dore. It’s so new, in fact, that I’ve listened to every episode! Garance has been a blogger for years, documenting mostly fashion, but also her life as a French woman living in New York City. Each week she’s interviewing smart, successful women (and men!) and asking questions about friendship, confidence, career success, style, and really anything else you might want to discuss over lunch. And they do have lunch! So don’t be surprised when you hear the clinking of utensils in the background.

My next new fave is Anna Faris in Unqualified, which you can probably guess is hosted by the very funny Anna Faris. I’ve only listened to two of her 20 episodes, but each had me laughing LOUDLY at 7:30 AM, which is pretty huge since my eyes are barely open at that point (while I drive, oops). It’s about relationships and love, and each week Anna invites a funny friend to come in and talk about their experiences and also give advice to a lucky caller. Callers email in first, but could you imagine the surprise of getting a call back from Anna?!

Last, but not least, is Fat Mascara. Hosted by two beauty editors, Jess and Jen, it really rolls like a conversation between girls about their favorite beauty products and also their mishaps… which makes sense because that’s what it is. You know I love my makeup and skincare, so this is exactly what I need to put some pep in my step, and probably point me straight to Sephora. They’re also doing interviews with some of the best in the biz, so you can get the story behind your favorite products and looks! They’re only six episodes in, so it’ll be easy to get caught up, too.

BONUS: If you’re re-watching seven seasons of Gilmore Girls in preparation for the Netflix reboot, you should also be listening to Gilmore Guys. It’s two dudes going episode by episode, and – warning to those on #TeamJess – they go pretty hard on ALL the boyfriends.

May your next week of commuting be filled with laughter!

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