The Internet: Moving Parts

Probably one of the most awesome things about the internet is the ability to look behind the scenes at how things are made (I know there’s a show about that, but it kinda puts me to sleep so googling is a way better option). This week we’re looking at some moving picture magic:

I’m kind of a huge fan of Olivia Wilde, so I knew she was directing a video for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. What I didn’t know is that she shot it entirely on an iPhone, which is just crazy! Sometimes I shoot video, but I use a fancy camera because if I use my phone it looks like I was filming in the dark with only one eye open. What a brilliant lady!


You already know how I feel about Deadpool, so you should probably assume that I’ve been clicking through every link that is even peripherally related to the movie (because I have). I was totally blown away by the opening sequence, partially by the humor but also because it’s visually INSANE. This breakdown of exactly how it was dreamed up and executed by the VFX team really blew my mind – it’s amazing how far CGI has come.


This gif caught my eye over on Oh Joy! and besides being just a beautiful visualization of women helping each other, I loved the style. A further look into the illustrator, Libby Vanderploeg, tells me she’s based in New York City, so I may need to venture out and meet her – you know how I feel about girl power!

And that’s that! Hopefully I got your creative juices flowing, maybe this weekend you’ll make a movie of your own. 🙂

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