The Internet: It’s A Family Thing

The internet has done one thing particularly well, which is make the world seem much much smaller. I know I’ve got friends spread across the country and even around the world, kind of like virtual pen-pals that I share my experiences with. So today, we’re talking family…

Power couple of the early aughts’ teen drama Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf just had a baby, who I am sure will be the nerdy/coolest but just this week, his brother Ryan Atwood has just announced he’s expecting a baby with his girlfriend, too! Here’s hoping those kids will be spending many future Chrismukkahs together!



Speaking of babies and dads and… sorry I totally lost my train of thought. Ryan Reynolds is a hot dad. Exhibit A:


On a more serious note about our global family, the UN’s Global Goals have been redesigned to be easier to understand – the simplified icons and names are meant to bridge cultures so that everyone can see what we want to work towards together.


Because the UN is actually meeting NOW for the Sustainable Development Summit, I’m giving you some homework – do your research, learn more about the issues we’re facing as a global family. Some of our favorite people have joined the discussion, like One Direction creating a video for Action|2015, which has been gearing up for the UN Summit for months. Also, tonight is the Global Citizen Festival, featuring Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Coldplay, and Pearl Jam. Let’s follow their lead and get involved.

Have a lovely weekend, fam!

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