The Internet: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year trenders! The new year is traditionally a time where we start fresh. We set goals, look back on what was great (and not-so-great) about the previous year, and – hopefully – remind ourselves to have fun and work towards personal happiness.

So first, a look back at some good stuff from 2015 with this compilation of The Year in Funny Women by Refinery 29. It features Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and other familiar faces, and may give you some new #squadgoals for 2016.

Next, let’s set some goals. I’m a big advocate of using a planner, making lists, and thinking long-term as well as short. I’ve always wanted to try the Day Designer – which is a planner that helps you focus on your goals one day at a time – but the prices are a little steep. However, there’s some free printables on the website that should do the trick!

Last, a reminder to enjoy today! Like this kiddo, finding the joy in bacon for the very first time:

So there’s that! Now get out there and be the best version of you this year!

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