The Internet: Growing Up

The internet is a great spot to find throwback pictures and nostalgic re-visits of classics. I’ve got some of that this week, and something that might just make you feel like a kid again!

We Trenders spend much of our time fangirling, but here’s a new subject to focus on: American Presidents. So here’s a list, complete with quippy captions, of all 43 Presidents “When They Were Young and Hunky.” My personal fave is Teddy Roosevelt, not only cute but also a bit of a bad boy.

This is pretty goofy, but fun. A couple of cute guys — Bradley Cooper and Jake Gyllenhall anyone? — are reading Cher’s debate monologue from clueless. I think Seth Rogen really does it best, but none of them remember to pronounce it “Haiti-ans” like in the movie. Oh well!

Finally, the kid inside me was really upset a few years back when Pluto was demoted from being our 9th planet. What about the learn-the-planets acronym? What would “my very excellent mother just serve us” now?! I don’t know. She’s still not serving anything in particular, but these scientists have found evidence of a potential 9th planet, which they’re just calling “Planet Nine” right now, and that gives me hope for the future!

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