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Yes, I know, it’s “problematic” now to call things girly but I think being girly is awesome… so here’s some good stuff that I’m going to call girly as a compliment.

First up, an accessory that would save some space in my already overloaded bag, which currently contains both a mirror and a portable phone charger. Yes, some genius decided to smush these two things into the most important purse item besides your actual cell phone – a mirror and battery pack in one! You get me, inventor genius.

Also in the category of “stuff I need to buy” is everything I found in this Etsy shop – SoEffingCute. It’s got Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars… basically all your favorite nerd stuff, but on really cute sweatshirts, tanks, and even undies!


I might be a Tina Fey fangirl. She is so smart and funny and all-around amazing, so here’s just a treat of Tina awesomeness, featuring the cast of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and dubsmash by Maya Rudolph.

Finally, we pull this girly train into the station with a gift war between The Mindy Project writers and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt writers. Mindy seems not so upset that she’s not winning.

OK FINE! I will admit that I’ve gotten redundant today with my TWO Kimmy Schmidt references. But it’s a great show, and I love female writers/comedians so much, and Kimmy and Mindy both really GET ME. So I’m just going to giggle my way into the weekend, and spend all my money on the absolute necessities: phone charger mirror and hogwarts boyshorts for the win- WHOOP!

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