The Internet: Driving Force

First things first – it’s only 1 week until Christmas so I’ll get you in the spirit with some Carpool Karaoke Caroling. Thank you James Corden for being so wonderful.

Now continue your groove with a treat from Spotify – you just go to the special Star Wars Spotify site and log in, and then it matches you with a Star Wars character and leads you to their playlist! Mine was Princess Leia, and we are serious musical soulmates! (NOTE: The status bar at the bottom is a light-saber!)


I don’t have a carpool buddy, and as much as I can be entertained by the endless options provided by Spotify, I needed a change this week – so I’ve turned to podcasts. Good timing since the second season of Serial just started. But everyone knows about Serial, so instead I’m pointing you towards The AV Club (a subset of The Onion) and their Serial Serial. It’s a podcast about the podcast. I always check in at The AV Club for reviews and recaps of movies, TV shows, and even video games!


Finally, if you haven’t been following our 12 Days of Christmas, go take a look. We’ve been counting down the days til the big guy comes down the chimney and there’s so many different ways to celebrate and share!

Now I’ve gotta run… literally! I’m just a few weeks away from my marathon!

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