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There’s been lots to celebrate this week, starting with the Oscars, moving on through to Super Tuesday, and finishing with, well FriYAY! – always worth celebrating. Let’s see what we’ve got to cheer about.

You probably went back and took a look at Leonardo DiCaprio’s acceptance speech, and maybe got a little teary eyed like his bestie Kate Winslet did, but did you see how super cute he was after the show? Leo is just as sweet and charming as you’d expect while he chats with the technician putting the personalized nameplate on his statuette.

Another, smaller celebration was Wednesday, which would have been the 112th birthday of Dr. Seuss! You probably grew up reading his books, or watching the movies his stories inspired, but this article takes an interesting look at his creative process, including how his final book “What Pet Should I Get?” was discovered and published.


Finally, this is something you probably only celebrated if there’s a car fanatic in your life (I’ve got one!). Ken Block, a rally driver who has some crazy moves, premiered Gymkhana Eight this week. The stunts are wild as usual, but sometimes the coolest part is to take a peek behind the scenes to see how they made it work. This shot from Ken’s instagram shows a massive array of GoPro cameras used to film a particularly awesome scene.

So cheers to all of you for making it through another week! Hope you’ve all got something fun to celebrate – if not, just celebrate anyway!

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